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Design Destination: Miami Design District

We love sharing where we go to scout out the new trends and pick up the best pieces with our fellow DKORistas! The first spot we shared was Restoration Hardware West Palm Beach. Now, we’re taking you along as we explore Miami Design District!

While it’s not a new spot, this trendy luxury district in Miami is popular these days for high-end fashion, design, and culture. As Miami-based interior designers, this is one of the places we visit most often for furniture and decor shopping. But it’s not just for interior designers; there’s something for everyone—from tourists to locals, from fashionistas to design enthusiasts—to enjoy in the Miami Design District.

With dining experiences, high-end furniture showrooms, architecture inspiration, and luxury fashion retail stores, this creative place surely worth a visit (or two)!

Since we frequent this design destination, we’ve discovered a few different ways to have a good time here. Let’s explore them:

Fashion Shops in the Miami Design District

The Miami Design District is an upscale shopper’s paradise. Every big luxury name you can think of is here, like Christian Louboutin and FENDI!

Fashion Shops - Design District in Miami
Photo Credits: Design District

More luxury brands are joining this shopping heaven all the time. (Catch up with the design district recent openings!) In addition to having the chance to score a new purse or pair of shoes, visiting these shops gives us an opportunity to take in the brands’ creative expressions.

These brands have some of the brightest creative minds working for them, so everything from the design of their stores to their window displays are inspirational. Even if you’re going to shop for your home, keep your eyes open in any store. Inspiration is everywhere!


Art Installations and Design at Miami Design District

Design Destination: Miami Design District
Photo Credits: Design District

While the shops might also be works of art, there are also iconic art installations you shouldn’t miss while strolling the Miami Design District. First, stop at Buckminster Fuller’s Fly’s Eye Dome, which is situated in the Palm Court. Fuller designed this structure in 1965 to be a fully autonomous structure. Though it never became that, it’s still a sight to behold.

From the Dome, turn your eyes to the nearby building’s façade. Designed by award-winning architect Sou Fujimoto, the façade is one of the cornerstones of the pedestrian-centric area. It is inspired by the flowing movement of waterfalls. The two-story structure features an elongated series of glass fins extending from the rooftop down to the open courtyard creating a dynamic visual spectacle and nodding to Miami’s nearby bodies of water.


Netscape by German designer Konstantin Grcic
Photo Credits: Design District

If you need a place to relax from all the shopping, stop by the famous hanging chairs. You might already be familiar with this art installation, especially if you’re on social media. By German designer Konstantin Grcic, this 24-seat web of chairs is dubbed Netscape.


Flotsam & Jetsam by SHoP Architects

Flotsam and Jetsam - Miami Design Destination
Photo Credits: Design District


Another of our favorite art installations is Flotsam & Jetsam by SHoP Architects. This installation, made of biodegradable bamboo, was created for the 2016 Miami Design Fair. Now is the centerpiece of the District’s jungle plaza. According to SHoP Architects, the installation “exists at the intersection of Miami’s celebrated spirit of play, represented by a relocated landscape that mimics the beach, but also the city’s emergent function as a center for creative visioning and technological discovery.”

There are even more art installations from the minds of creative geniuses we didn’t mention: Nuage designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Elastika by Zaha Hadid at the Moore Building, and the fiberglass sculpture Le Corbusier by Xavier Veilhan. If you love to take Instagram-worthy pics, there are plenty of places to snap in Miami’s Design District. Check in their blog, the Miami Design District’s most Instagram worthy spots!


Dining in Miami’s Design District


Food’s a no-brainer to refuel from all that shopping! No matter what time of the day you’re visiting the Miami Design District, there’s somewhere to pop into. In the morning, we recommend some java from one of Blue Bottle Coffee’s Miami outposts. If you’re on a design mission in the afternoon heat, cool down at Aubi & Ramsa 21+ Ice Cream with a wine- or spirit-infused concoction. We also love food hall St. Roch Market for a group—a little something for everyone.


Furniture Showrooms in the Miami Design District

Miami Design District Furniture Showrooms

Now that you’ve gathered all of the inspiration you could ever need from the fashion and art world and are fully fueled up, you’re ready to shop at any one of our top three Miami Design District furniture showrooms. Happy shopping!

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