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Decorating Your Walls Using Free or Cheap Art

Decorating Your Walls Using Free or Cheap Art

As you remodel or redecorate your home, Miami decorators will likely suggest that you add new art to your walls. Having bare walls in your home can make the space feel cold and empty. Decorating your walls can be a challenge if new wall art is simply not part of your budget for this project. Luckily, not all art has to come from an expensive gallery. There are many easy and inexpensive ways that you can find and create decorations that will add great color and personality to the walls of your home. Here are just a few examples of free or inexpensive art.

Frame Your Own Photographs

It is easier than ever to take digital photographs, edit them, and print them in almost any shape or size. When you frame your own pictures, this does not necessarily mean you would just have the ordinary snapshots of your family or pets hanging on the walls. You can do that if you would like, or you can become your own amateur photographer and take interesting shots of nature, the coast, or any other subject that fits well with your décor.

You can even edit the pictures to make them black and white, or enhance the colors in a way that will better suit your interior design. If you are not confident in your artistic skills, find a friend or family member that is up to the challenge. Your Miami interior designer can make suggestions as to what pictures you should frame, the frames you should use, and where they should hang.

Create Nature Shadowboxes

You can bring the beauty and color of nature into your home with the help of interesting shadowbox frames. There are many different types of these shadowboxes that you can create yourself. All you do is press dried flowers, seashells, or any other items in to the glass of a shadow box. If you frame enough pieces, you can then arrange the boxes on the wall in an interesting way so that the boxes themselves become their own form of art. A great Miami decorator can help you find items to press that compliment the room, and make suggestions as to how to position the boxes most effectively.

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Repurpose Antique or Sentimental Items

You can save money, decorate your home, and recycle by repurposing older items that you no longer use. In a kitchen, you can hang old antique silverware or other kitchen accessories on the wall. In a workroom or office, you can hang old tools. Hanging antiques on the wall allow you to create a rustic feel in the room, and they can make great conversation pieces.

Frame Your Favorite Covers

A great way to show your personality in a space is to hang old book, record, and film covers in frames. Of course, you do not want to deface your items that are in good condition, but you can give old and worn copies a new life by displaying your favorites. Have your Miami interior designer help you create a space that really represents you perfectly.


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