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How We Decorated the Walls in Our Miami Design Project

A wall feature can be the main design inspiration or the main focal point in a room. For wall decor, you don’t have to stick with the traditional framed art; there are so many creative wall design ideas out there.

And one of our decorating projects in Miami has it alla gallery of framed pictures to a focal point that incorporates every family home must-have (a TV). Get a sneak peek of the wall decoration looks we created and go behind the scenes as our interior designers break down the costs and installation considerations associated with each type of design project.


Over the Stairway


In this home, we turned to a classic, never-fail way to liven up an awkwardly shaped stairway wall: the gallery wall. (You can check our how-to post that offers step by step instructions for creating your own, HERE.)

This is a simple project, as the main items to purchase are artwork and frames, which can be found at a variety of price points. Online shops like will ship your chosen artwork to you framed and ready to hanghow easy is that?! If you have an eclectic taste in artwork, we suggest maintaining consistency with the frame: either all one finish or all one width.

Not only are gallery walls timeless and simple, but you also only have to hire one tradesman to install it, like a contractor or handyman.

How We Decorated the Walls in Our Miami Design Project


In the Dining Room


In order to add interest and warmth to this space in our Miami Design Project, we used wallpaper, and a mirror and light duo to create an off-centered grouping. Instead of the more traditional sconces on either side of a square or round mirror, we hung an oversized sconce to the left of a geometric mirror to lend a modern touch. The greige wallpaper has a subtle texture, making it an ideal backdrop for our decorative lighting, fun-shaped mirror, and accessories.

If you’re looking to create a similar look in your home, you’ll need to hire two trades: a wallpaper installer and a lighting installer. This makes it a bit more expensive than a gallery wall setup, but it does have a grand impact.

How We Decorated the Walls in Our Miami Design Project
Wallpaper Installation


How We Decorated the Walls in Our Miami Design Project


Near the Breakfast Nook



It’s easy to make a big impact in a small space with a vignette wall. Similar in concept, but vastly different in execution to the gallery wall, the collection of hung vases in the breakfast nook adds a bright and fun touch.

We hung the Hold vases from Sklo in a grid above our white counter-height CB2 bar units. We mixed and matched the colors of the tinted glass vases to complement the accent colors in the rooms adjacent to the breakfast nooka favorite designer trick.

Overall this feature wall has two store-bought bar units, the six Sklo vases, and the wallpaper. You will need two trades to come and help you here: the wallpaper installer and a handyman to hang the vases.


Behind the TV


How We Decorated the Walls in Our Miami Design Project


In today’s world, TVs are necessary, but it takes a bit of work to blend them into a home’s design. So, for this design feature, we used two different wallpapers: one wood-look and another deep charcoal paper with a bit of silver accents.

We painted a thin piece of wood trim black and hung it between the wallpapers create separation and a smooth transition. For storage, we hung two black floating shelves, mounted on the wood-look wallpaper, and two of our favorite TV units from CB2 pushed next to each other to mimic the look of one longer piece. 

The sum for this feature will be the wallpaper, TV stands, shelves, and lamp, and our handyman completed the wallpaper installation with the thin trim piece and mount the two shelves.

The cost of the items to be assembled or mounted, the cost of the materials to be installed, and all of the labor need to be considered so you can make your vision come alive! But in the end, it’s all up to you. If you select cost-effective items and materials, and plan to install them in a simple yet original way, you can have yourself a beautifully curated and very budget-friendly feature wall!

Explore more creative wall designs on our interior design portfolio.

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