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Creative Spaces and All the Fine Details

Continuing on with the blog series on our upcoming residential interior design reveal in Hollywood, FL, we are now ready to show you the glory of all its fine details.

Let’s begin with the doors, which are often be overlooked in most residential properties. To create an identity for the interior design, we decided to add real character to the doors. Through the concept of “Exaggeration,” our design team proposed thick linear profiles for the doorframes, which you may remember is opposite of all the arches of the home’s existing traditional style. The main entry door would feature sleek double brushed steel handles in a vertical shape, and for the existing windowed entry way, we presented the idea of converting it into a majestic modern masterpiece with large symmetrical and vertical windows and a mixture of dark and pale wood.

Creative Spaces

Also, we added a sophisticated foyer interior design feature which we believed would be ideal for this family. On one wall, we suggested a gallery of rows of shallow custom wall shelves to accommodate framed family photographs and artwork. At first circular coffee table with sculptural legs would anchor the center, along with a beautiful hanging light fixture and small seating area. However, as the design matured over time, we ended up eliminating the seating area.

Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design

Stairs are often used to form a real statement in any home, and we offered two options with the concept of a “wrapping effect” for our clients. The first option featured a transparent side and railing, which would create a floating effect, while the second option was a more solid railing. These ideas also applied to the railings on the second floor, which overlooked the first floor.

Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design


Ready for the final walk through? So are we, but we’re working on the final touches of this soon-to-be modern residence. We’ll show you the kitchen and the rest of the furniture and accessory concepts Friday. Then comes the big reveal!


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