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Contemporary Retreat: Kitchen & Breakfast Area Layout

We do love open kitchens and breakfast areas at DKOR. Our in-progress Fort Lauderdale private residence has the perfect example! But believe it or not, the open layout wasn’t originally planned this way.

For our Oceanfront Retreat’s kitchen, the German company, Bulthaup, had already worked on a general layout. Bulthaup allocated quite a large area of the kitchen for a free-floating butler pantry. We liked the extra storage it provided, and the drink station they imagined there. However, due to this area, both the kitchen and breakfast area felt smaller. Much smaller in comparison to the other “grand” spaces in the rest of the house. Consequently, we suggested to our client that we could try and open the space up, with a little tweaking of the kitchen layout.

Our challenge was to try and re-use the free-floating butler area cabinetry. We wanted to avoid changing too much of the Bulthaup order. As we all know, changes mean fees and lost materials! After several layout design session with the interior design team, we found the perfect solution to our puzzle. Compare the two-floor plans and renderings, to understand what we changed:


Original kitchen design intent and layout / Rendering by Bulthaup


Contemporary Retreat: Kitchen & Breakfast Area Layout


  • An additional row of cabinets was added above every existing cabinet, they now go all the way to the ceiling (adding height and grandeur)
  • Free-floating butler pantry/drink station cabinets were added to long cabinetry wall (opening space up)

Based on the approved kitchen layout changes, we started developing the breakfast area’s detailed layout and general design. Now it had become its own large space as well; the perfect blank canvas!

Contemporary Retreat – Design Challenge

Perfect except for one detail: a plumbing pipe! It was planned to be concealed by the original butler pantry. Our general contractor informed us it could NOT be relocated. Well, we like a challenge! Our interior designers started sketching on the spot. They began imagining the breakfast wall to have an asymmetrical design. One part would be built out, in order to accommodate and hide the plumbing. On the wall’s deeper end, we would nest in our table and seating area. And so the final layout for the breakfast area was agreed upon.


Approved kitchen and breakfast area design intent by DKOR Interiors


In our next post, we will go into the design details, and explain how it came to be. You will understand how we applied our Modern Minimalist concept in this open space.

But for now, you see how the kitchen and breakfast area open layout evolved and was created. Of course we prefer this new larger layout, yet in the end, what is important is that our client fell in love with it as well. Most importantly, he was thrilled that we worked with the original Bulthaup kitchen modules, incurring him a much smaller cost than if we had reinvented the whole space!

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