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Behind the DKOR Interiors Studio: Revealed by Jackie

This smile is contagious!! and we’re so grateful to have it around us everyday as part of our team. Go behind the scenes with Jackie and how she best describes our culture.


As the world evolves into faster, better, stronger, so does a powerful team of accomplished woman set into the professional casual culture of DKOR Interiors.

We is never I.

DKOR has a company culture that is deeply rooted in family values, being good to each other to be good to our clients.  Every part of the interior design design process is clearly articulated, yet we are always seeking ways to make it better, stronger, and even more efficient.

The details are a large part of what makes DKOR culturally remarkable.  The interiors developed are smart, ergonomic, well planned, and well executed because we have thought of every way it can be good and every way it can be bad.   We look at the space, furniture, or materials in every project as if it was our own home or the potential client that is going to see it in the glossy pages of an editorial.  These are meticulously designed spaces that are not about DKOR but about the people who live in them or want to live in them.

What makes DKOR’s interior design successful is this team, better yet the extended family of really professional young women.  We are different because DKOR is our home and we balance our work with play, creativity, and a good laugh.   We are friends that are constantly busy and easily distracted for productive purposes.   The relationships we form with our clients and vendors is natural because we have formed relationships that welcome new members that inspire us, drive us, and make us who we are.

Being here at the office is like being at home.  We design homes that are meant to be loved and the first home on that list is ours. The customized office warehouse is crafted to be lived in and loved by all team members and guests in our home.  We have a park with grass, large sunny windows, and a video conference room where meetings are held on the digitally imposed scene selections offered by Google hangouts. Desks are lined up like a fast moving nucleus and there is chocolate and coffee present at every moment of the day. If you show up at just the right hour you will find a group of us girls in boxing gloves at the neighboring gym.

“I quickly understood that working in causal flats and ripped jeans wasn’t about the trendy outfit from the fashion boards of Pinterest but that it is the uniform of a tightly knit team that gets a lot accomplished before most have had their morning coffee.  A team that should never be underestimated and a team that I have been so honored to become a part of.”

-Jacqueline DiCiaco

Interior design isn’t about the design, its about the process and how it affects peoples lives.



Working is a necessity that every human needs to fulfill. This could be working inside the house or in a work place, but all of us need a reason to wake up every morning and keep going.

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