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Château Beach Residences Master Suite Design

This condo in the luxurious Château Beach Residences in Sunny Isles, Florida, was a treat for our DKORistas to design. Our concept for this residence was “Illusions on the Horizon,” which draws from the luminosity of the sun reflecting on the water — perfectly fitting for this beachfront condo. How did this vision come to life, particularly in the master suite? First, let’s take a look at our design intent for this master bedroom with sitting area.

Master Suite Design Intent

Modern Master Bedroom Design by DKOR Interiors
Design Intent


Modern Master Bedroom Design by DKOR Interiors
Master Bedroom – Design Intent


By utilizing a neutral palette accented with ocean hues, plus clean lines and thoughtful placement, we dreamed up a calming, spa-like master suite for our clients that created an ambiance of relaxation and zen.

Luxury Master Bedroom Final Look

Master Bedroom Design by DKOR Interiors


Our design intent for this luxury master bedroom provided a great foundation and our vision came to life. Overall, the final look just featured a few small changes.


Master Bedroom Entrance – Wood veneer door
Master Bedroom Entrance – Wood veneer door


Master Suite Entrance Design
LED Light Detail


The family will enter this master suite through a refined wood veneer door featuring a contrasting camel-colored leather-wrapped door handle, an added detail that feels extra luxurious. Next to the door, a floating shelf is adorned with a simple vase for an elegant approach.

A walk down a short hallway leads to the secluded master bedroom with sitting area, which takes inspiration from the ocean just outside in its decor.


Master Bedroom Design by DKOR Interiors


Master Bedroom Bedding Details


The upholstered bed — the room’s focal point — is very subtle but still makes a statement. A neutral gray bedspread is accented by pillows in brilliant blue-green with hints of metallic for just the right amount of shimmer. The beautiful abstract rug underfoot plays off of these same colors to create a throughline.

In addition, custom-built nightstands on either side of the bed add tons of function, with storage and electronic charging stations. The custom nightstands not only are functional but also add balance and symmetry to this area of the master suite. The table lamps with a bright metallic base add an artisanal, contemporary touch.


Master Bedroom Sitting Area - DKOR Interiors


Château Beach Residences Oceanfront Views


On one side of this luxury master bedroom is a one-of-a-kind seating area with views that cannot be duplicated. We outfitted this nook in a very simple way so as to not obstruct the ambiance, installing just a sleek, modern chaise lounge in soft gray for relaxing or reading, plus a small chrome reading lamp and a petite round drinks table.

We hope you enjoyed touring through the final look of this master bedroom. Stay tuned for more final looks from this Château Modern residence!

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