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Behind the DKOR: Revealed by Kishia

Behind the Scenes: Interior Design Project Manager Reveals What Keeps Her Going

Throughout my life I have always been a competitor and a team player which I learned through my favorite sport of volleyball. “Never quit” is probably the biggest life lesson that I learned through volleyball even if the odds are against you, you must believe you will succeed.

As a project manager at a top Miami Interior Design Firm I have to be a leader, team player, and most importantly be the best I can be and never quit. Even though there are those challenges that we face where we just want to throw in the towel and quit we have each other to lean on and push each other to the max. During our interior design project turnovers is when we really become like a team we get in our huddle, come up with our game plan and execute.




Revealed by Kishia - Behind the DKOR
Revealed by Kishia - Behind the DKOR

One example of a challenge we had at one of our recent interior design projects was with the living room light fixture from Delightful. We ordered the Coltrane pendants and didn’t open them until the day of install came, when we discovered that the length was too short. We got together as a team and coordinated the delivery of replacement cords and the install of re-wiring the light fixtures with our electricians. Deadline was 2 weeks away and we were getting the cords from Portugal! Luckily, everything went smoothly and in time and the light fixtures look gorgeous!

Even though at times turnover is the most stressful part of a project it’s the time where I feel more like we are playing a game of volley. Our principle, Ivonne, receives the projects and passes it up to the designers who then set it up for Lindsay and I, the project managers, to spike it down FOR THE WN!!!


DKOR Interiors has molded into a team to where we all have our responsibilities and depend on each other to get our jobs done. Each day we all have our challenges but our “never quit” motto helps to push ourselves to become and be better members of our interior design team.

Revealed by Kishia - Behind the DKOR


Dkor's Business Admin Handler & Project Manager

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