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Behind the DKOR: Revealed by Anahi

Behind the Scenes – DKOR revealed by Anahi – Why she loves making site visits in this Miami Heat.

Miami Interior Designer

DKOR Revealed

Through the interior design process, there are a lot of things that happen to complete one project. It’s complicated of course but I also find this challenge to be very fun! I really love being a part of the total design process. We all know that we love to design and to create, innovate and make our clients happy, but I don’t think that all people know to make this happen. We have to keep our eyes closely on the interior design process between the ideas and the reality. Site visits are so important to make this happen.

I remember my first site visit, I was so excited! The first time that you see all of your hard work and ideas in a big and real scale! Wow. Being able to see how things come along nicely together is a great satisfaction and motivation to keep doing your best. I love the feeling you get seeing how the ideas and hard work turns into reality.

DKOR revealed



There is never a wasted site visit. There are always unexpected situations, or something to keep an eye on when it comes to interior design. Relationships with vendors are essential – during a site visit, you meet with vendors and when the installers come you have to be sure that everyone is on the same page. So building a good relationship with our trusted vendors is essential to all teams properly understanding each part of the project’s design intent. It’s all about team work! There is no way we can do it alone!

What you wear is also important. Just as a tip, black seems to NOT be a good idea as an interior designer 🙂 Site visits will always give you a touch of dust.

Even though, with all of the problem solving, dust, Miami heat and humidity, I enjoy the site visit for all the learning that they offer and the excitement of seeing things happen.

Every project is special, they become our babies and we love to see them grow! We are so lucky to work on beautiful projects with beautiful views and I find it amazing how everything is possible with teamwork.

Miami Interior Designer - DKOR Interiors



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