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Becoming an Interior Designer: Behind the DKOR with Silvia

DKOR's Interior Designer
“When you LOVE what you do, you don’t feel that you are working and that is exactly what I feel working at DKOR Interiors”

I’m so excited to share with all of you my journey to becoming an Interior Designer!

After two very hard months back home in Venezuela, I moved to Miami in January 2014 to continue pursuing my dream of getting a degree in Interior Design. I’m not going to lie, the change was not easy. Being far away from my parents and family was the hardest part. Setting up in a new and unfamiliar country with a different language was a real big challenge in my new adventure as an interior design professional. But with a open mind and a strong desire to succeed, I overcame my fear of the unknown and one year after my graduation, I got and accepted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that completely changed my life: A job at DKOR Interiors!

I remember my first day at DKOR so clearly!  The all-female design team kindly welcomed me with smiles, positive energy, and all had a helpful disposition. Everyone in my new office from the first moment I was there made me feel supported.


DKOR's Interior Designer

DKOR's Interior Designer

DKOR means a lot to me.  It is a place where I grow every day, not only as an Interior Designer  but also as a person.  At DKOR I feel like I can be myself all of the time and where I can express myself freely.  Even during our busy day we take time to share our ideas, solve our daily challenges together, and make each moment a pleasant one.

Teamwork is the magic word at DKOR.  We work as a team and definitely know that 2,3,4 or 12 think better than one person. We are stronger and bigger as a team with diversity and a mix of cultures and backgrounds.  As a team we help one another to improve and create amazing interior design projects for our clients.

The interior design firm, DKOR Interiors is not just my job, it is where I learn, appreciate, and grow as an interior design professional every day. The team has become a family to me that I am thankful to have next to me while I achieve all of my goals and dreams. I’m also really proud of our DKOR team too!

Last but not least, I dedicate this to my brother, because without him I wouldn’t be here.

DKOR's Interior Designer

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My family, and the fact that I can be a support for them. I’m a dreamer, my dreams keep me inspired. The DKOR team’s good vibes and the team culture we’ve developed in the studio is something that makes me want to come to work everyday.

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