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Bal Harbour Condo Design: Incorporating Our Clients’ Collections

Recently, we shared the one-of-a-kind design concept for our Bal Harbour Condo project: the journey of light. Throughout the Bal Harbour condo, you’ll see interesting lighting concepts and shades and screens that cast beautiful shadows.

In addition to this unique concept, our clients are an international couple who have traveled the world, amassing a large and beautiful collection of art and furniture. So, we’ve not only incorporated their treasures into our design, but sometimes made these pieces focal points. These special mementoes are key to creating a home that’s truly theirs.

Take a tour of the common spaces of this Bal Harbour condo to get a sneak peek of the design in progress.


Entry Foyer


Bal Harbour Condo Design by DKOR Interiors


This home has not one, but two foyers. The first is the elevator foyer, where we begin to introduce the design concept. But this foyer, which is open to other rooms in the home, is where we reinforce the design.

The recessed lighting will reflect onto the two screens, casting strips of light into the room. We’ve also elongated the room with the long floating shelf, which holds a pair of beautiful vases.


Living Room


Bal Harbour Condo Design by DKOR Interiors


In the living room, shades and sheer curtains on the windows allow the clients a couple of options for filtering light into the room. Neutral seating puts the focus on a stunning piece of wall art (which is highlighted in an interesting way: with a floor lamp) and a set of shelves.

We’re going to fill the shelves with baskets, figurines, and vases the couple has gathered in their travels. Here are some of our favorites:

Bal Harbour Condo Design by DKOR Interiors


Bal Harbour Condo Design by DKOR Interiors




Bal Harbour Condo Design by DKOR Interiors


Dining Room


Bal Harbour Condo Design by DKOR Interiors

As we continue through the home, we maintain continuity the lighting elements, whether it’s recessed lighting or screens that cast interesting light patterns around the room. The dining room is no exception. Notice how the textured wallpaper absorbs the light in a different way than a painted wall, giving off a warmer glow.


Bal Harbour Condo Design by DKOR Interiors


The dining room also houses our favorite piece of the clients’: a distressed blue china cabinet that oozes Old World charm. This larger-than-life piece is the center of the dining room, so we selected chairs covered in natural materials, playing off the earthy vibe of the china cabinet.

We’re working on the rest of this unique Bal Harbour Condo, so stay tuned for even more eclectic design.

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