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The art behind staging and photographing a residential interior design project

DKOR interiors - residential interior design project

Here we are again! It’s time for one of our favorite moments as interior designers; the moment we get to stage and photograph our projects. There’s always something very rewarding about the way we feel when we get to see all of our hard work come together.

Design projects take months and sometimes even a couple of years of hard work to be completed. First we develop the concept which is used as a guideline for the furniture, lighting, and accessory selections for each space. Then all selections are presented to the clients for their approval. We use renderings and graphic presentations that give a clear idea of what we are proposing. Of course we always have a bit of tweaking along the way to make sure that we’re creating something that represents exactly what our clients are looking for. It is important to consider our clients feedback and special requests when designing their personal spaces. Once everything is approved, we begin purchasing and wait for delivery while checking periodically for any unforeseen delays. Custom items take a little bit more coordinating, especially those involving installation at the residence.  Custom orders with long lead times of two or three months are often coordinated in advance and other items can be worked on during this waiting period.  More commonly, in “new construction” projects or complete renovations there is a little more waiting and extra project management work required before we see everything come together.

The next step in the process, once all items are delivered and ready for installation is the fun part, staging.  We may develop a list of last minute items and go out and SHOP!  Staging a home can take a few days or sometimes a couple of weeks to perfect all of the final DKOR’s touches. We have discovered that no matter how prepared we are there are always little surprises and last minute details.

Last week we shared with you the concept behind our “Miami Transitional Gem” residential interior design project in Aventura completed in winter 2015. Today, we look behind the scenes on the final stages of this glamorous project. With comfortable clothes and great enthusiasm the journey gets started! Once Alexia Fodere, our talented photographer, arrives on site the vision and ideas come to life.  A picture is worth a thousand words, share with us the words you feel when you see this residential interior design project.


DKOR interiors - residential interior design project
When taking a photograph, we want to transmit our designs into a stunning image that showcase the key elements of the design.


DKOR interiors - residential interior design project
Careful placement of each object is important to capture the details.



DKOR interiors - residential interior design project
Alexia Fodere and the DKOR design team working together to find the best angles for the shot.


DKOR interiors - residential interior design project


DKOR interiors - residential interior design project


DKOR interiors - residential interior design project
Fresh flowers are always a good idea

We hope you have enjoyed the journey of design and staging this DKOR residential interior design project! Don’t miss the official photo reveal of Miami Transitional Gem. Coming soon!

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