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Ann Sacks outfits our new creative studio’s powder room with gorgeous ceramic tiles – Thank you!


We’re pretty sure you’ve already heard that we’ve moved to our new creative studio and now we’re featuring all our generous vendors who spoiled us with amazing donations and supported us during this moving process. This time we’re featuring Ann Sacks!

As interior designers one of the items we’re constantly looking for are surface materials. Whether we’re applying them in bathrooms or as part of design features in general areas, coverings are an important element in interior design. Ann Sacks is an incredible source for innovative and timeless products that help us to create the perfect look in all of our stunning interiors. They are recognized for its innovative and beautiful material selection. Just browsing through their website is a huge inspiration of how to use new products or creative ways to use traditional products. This is what makes them, one of our favorite vendors!

When designing our DKOR creative studio, especially our Powder Room, we were looking for a clean and beautiful design with an industrial feel. We wanted something very elegant for this space so of course when Ann Sacks agreed to sponsor our powder room, we were extremely excited.

If you’ve gotten to know us by now through our blog posts, you know that durability of design is just as important to us as the look. Having said that, innovation in products now offers us amazing ceramic wood and marble options that look extremely elegant and refined but offer us the durability that we find when using ceramic tiles. This is why when we designed our powder room, we wanted to use this opportunity to show our clients first hand how these materials look installed and as part of a design concept.

At Ann Sacks we found incredible options that worked perfectly with our design concept.

Check it out for yourself:

creative studio
Wood porcelain: the knots in this wood ceramics makes this porcelain so realistic.


DKOR creative studio
Large format calacatta porcelain


DKOR creative studio

DKOR creative studio


The  combination of these wood porcelain planks and the large format calacatta porcelain created a warm, modern and elegant space for all our clients and vendors that visit our interior design creative studio.

Thank you ANN SACKS for these awesome pieces!

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“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for."

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