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An Inspiring Home Art Studio in an Edgewater Miami Condo

Artists have long created at-home studios so they can answer creativity’s call at any hour. But they haven’t always been as beautiful as this home art studio in our clients’ Edgewater Miami condo

Nature-Inspired Condo Design in Miami’s Gran Paraiso Residences 5
Design Intent by DKOR Interiors

This combination home-office-slash-studio space came at the request of our clients, one of whom is a painter. They wanted a space where they could work side by side with their spouse, spending even more time together.


home art studio - edgewater condo interior design

We love designing “hobby rooms,” as we lovingly call them, for our clients. Homes are about more than just functional, useful rooms or even just beautiful rooms that look good in photos. They’re about being ourselves, stoking our creative passions, and having spaces that bring happiness to the owners. 

Lately, more and more of our clients have been requesting these creativity-stoking spaces, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, when we’re all spending lots of time at home. 

We’re always thrilled to create inspiring spaces that allow our clients to get creative and let their passions shine in their own homes. And this multifunctional room is no exception.

Some clients may want a different style in their studio, perhaps something calm and serene. However, the aesthetics of this studio needed to match the modern Asian design of the rest of the home, a penthouse in the One Paraiso Residences, as it’s located right off the living room. 

Maintaining continuity in the design was easy; gray wood flooring flows seamlessly into veneered cabinets and sliding doors. The same marble that adorns the fireplace is used on the double desktop and along the wall. White sheers drape the large windows, which let plenty of natural light into the space—perfect for painting.

home art studio - edgewater condo interior design


We also incorporated LED lighting into the space, on the underside of the custom shelves, just in case anyone was working late into the night. And, the shelving holds beautiful tools, paintbrushes and such, related to our client’s hobby. 

Home Art Studio Design - Door

home art studio - edgewater condo interior design


What wasn’t as obvious was how to create storage opportunities for this multifunctional space that were both beautiful, streamlined, and highly functional. We considered all the little details. For this reason, the main storage in the room is hidden behind a sleek wood door. Inside the closet was custom-designed with partitions to accommodate canvases and art supplies. Our design team organized space to ensure frequently used tools were organized in easily accessible space.

Our favorite part of this art studio is that it was built not just to create but also display our client’s artwork. The chic easel can display a recently completed piece, while the wall behind the living room’s fireplace is the perfect rotating gallery. 

Home Art Studio Design by DKOR Interiors

We hope this home art studio design inspires you to create your own “hobby” room! Visit our design portfolio to see more about this Edgewater condo project: Modern Asian Penthouse Design.

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