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“About Us” – DKOR Interiors Inc. Miami Interior Design

“About Us” – DKOR Interiors Inc. Miami Interior Design 


Miami Interior designers


How about this…

Interior design:  The selfless act of increasing the quality of life of a person or group of individuals by creatively and strategically planning, designing, and executing a perfect environment that is conducive to their current needs and those of the future.

At DKOR Interiors, interior design is more than fluffing pillows and taking shopping trips to DCOTA; it is working relentlessly to plan and execute the perfect space that unravels better than anything our clients could have ever imagined on their own. It is taking the dreadful things that come from renovating or moving and turning them into a fun and exciting journey towards their final space.  It is about encouraging our clients to do more of what they want to do and less of what they don’t.  It is being told on most days that what you want to do is not possible and consequently having to persuade a group of incredulous individuals of all backgrounds and professions that it is possible if we work together to achieve it.

You might ask yourself:

“What type of person would want to do this day after day? What kind of person refuses to give up on an idea, refrains from taking the easy or expected route, and relentlessly works towards achieving something marvelous that they later hand off to someone else?”
My name is Ivonne Ronderos, and I have owned and operated DKOR Interiors for nearly 10 years.  Throughout these years I have had the privilege of working with incredibly talented and aspiring designers, as well as worked on great projects that most designers and builders dream of collaborating on.

It has been nearly a decade since we founded DKOR Interiors; and throughout the years there have been many lessons learned, tears of despair and happiness, as well as excitement and concern, but what most resonates today is not the perfect magazine editorial piece, nor the million dollar project; it is the perfect combination of the people around me.  You see, I’ve learned that no matter how great an interior designer you think you are, how many projects you’ve worked on, or where you’ve gathered your knowledge, if you cannot use the word “we” when describing your work, you are not the right fit.

We are a group of individuals that respect and enjoy working together to do things greater than any one of us could ever do alone. A team that laughs together and is not afraid to cry together either. A group that can count on one another when things get rough and celebrate each other’s’ triumphs when we achieve our goals.  It isn’t just a job; it isn’t just a paycheck; it is a commitment to one other and to our clients.

This blog post is very meaningful to me because the spot light is on US! I am introducing our team and giving them the platform to tell you firsthand how they feel about DKOR Interiors.  For the next few months, every Friday, you’ll be meeting a new DKOR Interiors team member.

Cheers to US! And to another 10 incredible years!

Watch out everyone, we are just getting started!

– Ivonne



“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for."

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