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“About Us” – DKOR Interiors Inc. Miami Interior Design

“About Us” – DKOR Interiors Inc. Miami Interior Design

“About Us” – DKOR Interiors Inc.









For today’s designer spotlight, DKOR superstar Kishia DeLaEspriella breaks down to us why she loves working at Top Miami Interior Design firm, DKOR Interiors.

– DKOR is a place that lets each and every one of our attributes shine through our interior design projects.

– DKOR is a place where we can feel inspired and develop our skills to become better. A place where we can build a platform for endless possibilities.

– DKOR is a place where everyone wants you to succeed and grow.

– We work as a team to accomplish one goal which is to make our clients dream home into a reality.

– Our design teams create a warm and inviting environment that welcomes our clients into the DKOR family.

– We like to create a rapport with our clients that not only lasts throughout the project but that continues on throughout the years.

– We are a design firm that is constantly working on perfecting every aspect involved in completing a project.

– Implementing design from around the world to create one wholesome design.

– DKOR has a positive environment that helps each individual grow and helps maintain a healthy work place.

– We are not afraid of change or growing.

– There’s no “I” in team!!!

– Constantly working to create a better work environment.

– DKOR’s culture is to motivate, inspire, and to make sure we are all on the same page.

– Each member of DKOR has responsibilities and if take care of those responsibilities we will be successful.

– We all work together to accomplish one goal.

– Unity is strength!



K i s h i a  d e  l a  E s p r i e l l a



Dkor's Business Admin Handler & Project Manager

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