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A Tropical Resort-Inspired Guest Room Design

Most hosts want their guests to be relaxed when visiting, right? Well, our clients took that to a whole new level with a unique guest room design. They wanted their guests to feel like they’re sipping Mai Tais on a tropical beach somewhere.

We’re designers, not bartenders, so we stuck to what we know and created the tropical guest room of our clients’ dreams. This Fort Lauderdale home already had the location going for it, so we kicked the design up a notch.

Take a peek at the design intent before we reveal the completed room. We think the real thing is even more stop-you-in-your-tracks cool.

Guest Room Design Intent

A Tropical Resort-Inspired Guest Room Design

A Tropical Resort-Inspired Guest Room Design

As you can see from the design renderings, we introduced lots of natural and tropical textures to the space: a rattan chair, accessories, mirror, and pendant lights. 

Neutral was key because we really wanted our tropical-themed wallcovering to stand out. Everything in the room, save for a couple of high-impact elements (neon sign and pink velvet desk chair), is a neutral hue. But that doesn’t mean they’re boring!

We selected mid-century modern-inspired pieces to lend a touch of sophistication, class, and just a bit of sass to the space.

Are you ready to see the full reveal of this guest room design?

Tropical Guest Room Reveal

A Tropical Resort-Inspired Guest Room Design

Let’s start with the most impactful element in the room: the wallcovering. We love how the wallcovering brings life to the space. We love how simple this addition is. It’s so bold and vibrant that no carpentry feature or redesign was needed to give the room a different look.

This show-stopper is allowed to shine because of the aforementioned neutrals.

Another key element to the success of this room is that the entire home featured a modern tropical vibe. We simply leaned in a bit harder in here to give our clients’ guests the full on tropical resort feel.

A Tropical Resort-Inspired Guest Room Design

The wallcovering isn’t the only cool element in the space: feast your eyes on the custom-made LED fixture in the corner. From the client’s perspective, it was a must to carry the home’s nickname, Coconut House, into the guest room. We love it! It adds so much character and playfulness to the space.

A Tropical Resort-Inspired Guest Room Design


A Tropical Resort-Inspired Guest Room Design

In this room, plants aren’t just for the walls. We brought in real plants of all shapes and sizes. Big ones in terracotta pots bring the wallcovering to life, while little ones on desks and nightstands lend just a pop of green.

Notice how all the neutrals don’t just fade away, instead they stand their ground with this bold decor? That’s because everything is so highly textured that the most neutral of pieces carries a lot of weight.

We’re obsessed with the pendant lights over the nightstands, too. They remind us of dimly lit pendants in classic tiki bars, but just a touch more sophisticated.

A Tropical Resort-Inspired Guest Room Design



Maintaining sophistication with this amount of playfulness going on around you can be tough, but mid-century pieces are up to the challenge. Just a hint of brass and streamlined design, like on the nightstands and the screen/plant holder, lend sparkle and class.

Guest Room Interior Details


On the other side of the room is a guest room must-have, if you’ve got the space. A desk setup is perfect for charging electronics, getting ready in the morning, and just setting all of the daytime necessities.

We love how this super-modern white desk blends in allowing the pink velvet chair to pop. Cheeky accessories like a female-inspired case and lipstick-red typewriter, continue the personality-filled design.

In a tropical guest bedroom, no space should be left un-styled. After all, tropical resorts are about bold, lush, colorful design!

No matter the aesthetic you desire for your guest bed, go all-in on ensuring you have the essentials and an awesome design.

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