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A New Pompano Beach Home in Progress

One of our current design projects — a Pompano Beach Home in the Sabbia Beach condos — represents luxury oceanfront living at its finest. Sabbia Beach Residences is an ultra-luxurious, ultra-exclusive boutique development in Pompano Beach. It boasts 30,000 square feet of private beach, an exotic oceanfront pool deck with beachfront ultra-contemporary heated pool and a world-class spa and fitness center, among other amazing amenities.

Credits: Sabbia Beach Condos

We’re thrilled to be decorating the interiors spaces of one of these Sabbia Beach condos for a lovely couple and their daughter. From the common areas to the entertainment areas like the media room. This waterfront condo will be the family’s permanent residence, so they wanted the home’s design to be elegant while still reflecting their personality. They enlisted DKOR Interiors to bring their vision to reality.

Pompano Beach Home – Design Elements

Our Pompano Beach design team took inspiration from the clients’ distinct and unconventional personalities for this condo’s design.

“We based our concept on their love of rock,” explained Silvia Parra, interior designer on the project. “They wanted their Pompano Beach condo to be ‘not your grandpa’s apartment,’ so we made sure that our concept reflected this edginess, but at the same time, had an elegant touch.”

How did we translate our clients’ vision? With bold accent colors, edgy patterns and striking shapes throughout their home design.

The rock and roll inspiration for this interior design project in Pompano Beach allowed us to create a dimensional palette of layered texture and material. Also of note: Our clients are cat lovers, so we needed to choose materials that were feline-friendly. Velvet fabrics and vinyl wallcoverings were key for a maintenance-free space. And, chunky, shiny metals and faux reptile provide even more of the deconstructed elements of rock and roll style.

Rock and roll style is bold, so the color palette for this Pompano Beach home was another key component. Adventurous pops of color throughout the spaces — like blue, teal and burgundy — push home the theme.

“We’re loving the opportunity to express our client’s style and love for rock and roll through accent colors,” says Marianna Cerullo di Bella, lead designer on the project. “The design is simple yet bold and creates a harmonious composition from room to room.”

This is a fun and very unique inspiration, right? Can’t wait to see how we’ve made this vision come to life? We’ll reveal the interior designs of this Pompano Beach home soon, so check back for more details. Sabbia Beach condos are such a one-of-a-kind property — we can’t wait to show you what our design team is creating!

Site Visit Photos


Sabbia Beach Residences Pompano Beach


Sabbia Beach Residences Pompano Beach


Sabbia Beach Residences Pompano Beach

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