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Celebrating Traditions with a Modern Mexican Home

Last year, we introduced you to our second Mexican project: a new construction project for a vibrant, lively family looking to create years and years of memories in their 16,000-square-foot San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon home.

We partnered with Pozas Arquitectos to bring our clients’ dream home to life, and we’re so glad we’ve been a part of the team from the beginning, picking each and every finish that will go into the home. Our clients wanted a home that was set apart from the others in the neighborhood, a design and concept that is as unique as they are. So as with all of our interior design projects, the finishes are very important to our design concept: Harmony of Volumes.

In this concept, big and small, thick and thin, high and low combine to form a perfectly harmonious home. How are we combining all of these contradictions, you ask? We’re focusing on five methods that will help us achieve unity in the design, despite the differences.


Vertical elements help us define different volumes

Focal Point

The diverse volumes all combine to create a visual road that emphasizes one important element.


An absence that creates a visible connection to another space or element.


A continuation of materials bridges and unites spaces.


Accenting a volume or material by edging or outlining it with a contrasting element.


When each of these methods is used in the right amount in the right room, it’s pure design magic.


To bring this concept to life, we’ve chosen gray-undertoned neutrals, from deep black to a chalky white, even including a slate-taupe color. These neutrals won’t distract from our concept, a play of textures and sizes.


Celebrating Traditions with a Modern Mexican Home


But our colorful family couldn’t have a home that represents them and their memories without some accent hues. We’ve chosen shades that echo the sun setting against the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains, which can be seen from the neighborhood. A terracotta hue to elicit the warmth of the barely setting sun, and a trio of blues to represent the darkening sky and the shadows cast on the peaks.

Celebrating Traditions with a Modern Mexican Home


In a nod to their family’s longevity, our client wanted to use natural materials as the base, while the new memories are interpreted through newer materials like metal, mirrored surfaces, and textured glass.

We’ve used a combination of stone, mostly marble, and woods with soft tones, and we’ll layer them in thick and thin variations. Meanwhile, richly textured linens and wall coverings temper the sleekness of the new materials.

Now that you’ve got the lay of the land, it’s time to jump right into the design of a few of this home’s common areas!


Modern Mexican Home Design



This family plans to host a lot of parties, so the foyer has to make a big splash! We’ve layered textures (mirror, glass, textiles, and wood) to draw your eye to two focal points: the geometric mirror for a quick pre-party touch-up, or the stunning backyard, which can be seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows.


Celebrating Traditions with a Modern Mexican Home


What each of these materials used has in common is a light color, lending a warm, welcoming feeling to the space. Notice how the darker colors are saved for the framing, creating a contrast.


Celebrating Traditions with a Modern Mexican Home


On the opposite wall, a bold burst of color and natural stone draw attention to an artistic vignette.


Living and Dining Room

Celebrating Traditions with a Modern Mexican Home


This great room, a combination of living and dining spaces, is one of the most important spots in the home because it’s grand enough for the whole family to gather. As with all spaces in the home, it’s designed to meet the family’s need with a combination of function and design.


Celebrating Traditions with a Modern Mexican Home


Let’s start with the function: An abundance of seating, whether on the living or dining side ensures everyone has a spot to call their own, from which to join in on the fun. In the living room a super-sized dining room table seats 14. Stay tuned to see if the kitchen is big enough to feed this large brood. (Hint: It is!)

Now for the design: The same natural stone from the entryway is carried into the dining room on an accent wall, with contrasting metal inlays breaking up the massive, imposing element. The wall in the background features an intentional separation, at once disconnecting and uniting the multi-use space.


Celebrating Traditions with a Modern Mexican Home


A large fish tank becomes the focal point of the room, as the natural materials align to draw the eye right to it. Can’t you just see family dinners transitioning into family game nights or story-telling sessions or kids’ impromptu recitals? We are so excited to show you more of this home, but what we really can’t wait for is our client to fill the home with love, excitement, and joy.

Check back soon for more interior spaces on this Modern Mexican Home!


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