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A Home Office / Guest Room Idea for Small Spaces

In today’s busy world, multitasking has become an essential part of life. Not only do our jobs and interests align with this concept, but so do many homes with rooms that bring together two or more purposes to make the most of a single space. Recently, our interior designers used their imagination to create an artistic office / guest bedroom in a Turnberry Sunny Isles condo that we’re excited to share with you today.

As this multifunctional home office space was slightly square-footage-challenged, the goal of our designers was to make it feel more spacious and welcoming. To do this, they brought in smart furniture, bright colors, bold patterns, and our clients existing art pieces. Not only is the room now stylish and fun, but our clients will be able to use it everyday for a variety of reasons. 

While our original design intent focused on a primarily neutral palette, we eventually decided to go with a mid-century color palette of blue and burnt orange to match the client’s works of art and the geometric-inspired furniture.

We also integrated the unique wallcoverings, Dalston WolfGordon and White Dolce Phillip Jeffries along with a abstract painting-inspired rug from Exquisite Rugs.


While the room was petite, it has some unique features like the sliding wall, which serves as a closet when closed. The floor to ceiling window is also a highlight, acting as a natural way of opening up the space.


Our initial design planned to make the most of this small room with many clever furniture pieces that optimize the space. The selections include the sophisticated murphy bed by Anima Domus and wall-mounted desk and shelving panel. We wanted a murphy bed with a low profile to allow for more space above, creating the illusion of higher ceilings.

Even with the Murphy bed pulled out, we planned for the room to have plenty of space to walk around, access the storage and work at the corner desk. Where the room was once bare and confined feeling, it is now cozy and highly functional with warm textures.

Our intent was to use bright artwork as a focal point of the room, drawing the eye and tying in with the artistic pattern of the wall coverings. As storage was a big concern, our goal was to add multiple dressers like this one as a means of hiding belongings in a sleek way. To add freshness, we incorporated bright plants throughout the room.

Home Office / Guest Room Idea – Final Look

Now, taking a look at the finished design, you can see from this snapshot of the desk that it provides plenty of space for work essentials while also serving to display our client’s favorite books and art. We’ve used more color than initially planned in our renderings, adding a marine blue paint that ties in with the chair cushion and art pieces.

From this perspective, you’ll see the interplay between the colors we’ve chosen for the sofa cushions, rug and the client’s Lichtenstein. The artwork not only adds a big dose of personality, but it brings together all the elements of the room.

Home Office / Guest Room Idea

As soon as you step into this bonus room, you’re greeted by the artistry that makes it so special. Instead of an entry console table, we’ve used a dresser with an orange glass top that provides storage space for our clients.

The rug brings in the blue and orange with a paintbrush-like pattern that would look right at home in an artist’s studio. It’s a room that definitely inspires creativity in every sense of the word.


Home Office / Guest Room Idea

Here’s another perspective of the murphy bed system with a charming detail of Warholian banana bookends. Finding a place for our client’s unique art pieces was a big priority for us and we wanted to honor their tastes as well as our vision for this multifaceted space.

Finally, instead of a TV table, we used the dresser. As you can see, we’ve placed a few more works of art, combining functionality with yet another spot to display our clients’ treasures.

If you liked this home office / guest room idea, stay tuned because we’ll be sharing more multifunctional spaces like this one with you in the coming months. Be sure to reach out if you have any questions about designing a multi-use space in your own home!

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