Miami’s Top Decorator shares how to style the perfect shelf

We’d like to say that there’s several layers when designing a home or space and so many people underestimate the last one; decorating!!

How to style the perfect shelf with Miami’s Top decorator. At DKOR, we call this final step, “staging.” This is when all of the construction is completed, the lighting has been installed and the furniture has been delivered. You look at one of our projects at this point and it looks like a really fancy furniture showroom – NOT A HOME! Its once you perfectly set the coffee table, wrestled with dozens of pillow options and made a pristine bed that a house begins to feel like a home. Some interior designers don’t like to be bothered with these things but we think that our passion for decorating is one of the reasons that make us so special. Essentially, being Miami’s top decorator helps make us Miami’s Top Interior designers.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been doing a lot of staging with two of our larger projects coming to a completion. We’ve made dozens of beds and styled lots of shelves so we’d like to share with you some tips of how to master the perfect horizontal surface.

  1. Ideally  you have a plan. Unless your staging with existing pieces (and even then a plan is a good idea). You want to have a plan that will help you have everything you need on hand when you begin to stage your shelf.
  2. Be okay with negative space. What we mean by this is, not every shelf has to have something on it. Balance it out with shelves that don’t necessarily have anything on them.
  3. Mix and match shapes & textures. Unless you’re showcasing a collection of things; play around with different objects with different shapes to create balance. Mix and match metal objects with glass and other materials to create an effortless combination of “found objects.”
  4. If organizing books; combine them with found objects. Try setting some upright and stacking a few others, combined with found objects.
  5.  We like to incorporate plants too. This is something we saw a lot of in Isaloni last year.

We thought it would be really nice to share with  you a recent installation we did with a picture ledge. This is your favorite Miami’s Top decorators did it :-)

Step 1: We drew an elevation of the wall and determined the ideal length of the shelf and how many frames we thought would be the right balance. Carter-Picture Ledge 11 25 14_Page_4

Step 2: We chose the pieces we thought would work for the space. These were an affordable version from

Top Miami Decorators Style_Page_1

Step 3: We fabricated a ledge (of course this can be purchased) and took into account the perfect depth. To determine this, you need to consider the thickness of the frames and what their total dimension will be once they’re stacked. Then add an extra inch. Each one of our frames was 1″ thick. Carter-Picture Ledge 11 25 14_Page_5

Step 4: We placed them! Things on site always tend to be a bit different than what we might plan for but don’t be afraid to improvise.


Need more inspiration? check out more examples of how we did it in other Miami and Fort Lauderdale Interior design projects.

Top Miami Decorator 2

In these cubes we balanced negative space and different objects combining solid shapes with more open objects.

Top Miami Decorator 1

These bold colored shelves did not need much. Know when to STOP adding stuff!

Top Miami Decorator 4

This is a great example where we added a touch of green. Candles are a great touch too, just make sure you don’t have another shelf close above once you turn them on.

Share with us your DIY projects!

DKOR’s Intern experience at Miamis Top Interior Design Firm

Let’s Do It!

Hi! My name is Ugo. I am a spatial design student in France, and when I was looking for an internship I reached out to DKOR Interiors located in Miami, Florida. I was fortunate to accept an internship position at Miamis top interior design firm, and that is how my amazing experience began.


On my first day I have to admit that I felt lost despite my excitement of being at Miamis Top interior design firm. It was Monday, which perfectly coincides with DKOR’s Monday Morning Meetings. This is where we collaborate to discuss all current projects, what has recently happened, and what needs to be accomplished that week. During my first meeting I felt overwhelmed when our team discussed relevant topics including details about projects, vendors, clients, and samples. As a curious individual, I wanted to become more comfortable with the material and wisely spent my first days looking at various presentations and files to increase my familiarity.

A valuable aspect about working at DKOR was not being told what to do. Depending on the individual, this can be viewed as a positive or negative perk. True to many internship positions, regular protocols like answering the phones, scheduling deliveries, and taking care of returns, were experienced each day. I chose to go beyond what was expected of me because I believe that your experience is what you make of it. My contributions to the DKOR team are entirely up to me. It was rewarding to be trusted since my first day on the job, as that allowed me to become someone better than the person I was when I first walked into DKOR. I was always trying to make myself useful which amazingly increased the intensity of this experience. With my patience to develop a deeper understanding of each project, I was able to ask project managers and designers if they needed assistance on a particular task. As I inquired more, I was astonished to find that these incumbents were asking me to do more and more for different projects.


Every day at DKOR is unique and amazing. When you step foot in the door here, you become part of a family, and feel at home. It sounds cheesy, but I am guilty of loving it. There is something special about being among people who are passionate about what they do for a living. These same people are eager to pass on their knowledge to you. When I am lost, there is always someone willing to provide assistance to guide me to find the correct answer. DKOR is an environment that shares, whether it be passion, time, or thoughts, and ultimately displays this in their work as they improve the lives of clients through interior design. I am fortunate to meet great people at DKOR and particularly enjoyed getting to know Ivonne. She is the founder and created DKOR with her heart and soul. The goal of DKOR is not to create a beautiful space, but to think of a unique design to provide a home that reflects who the family is. They’re a Miami based interior design firm designing homes around the world that define luxury through personalized design.

Reflecting back on my journey, the hardest thing was not travelling to a new country, or even diving into a new work environment that I knew nothing of, but leaving it.

Thank you to all the members of DKOR for this amazing experience.

To be continued!


DKOR Interiors is always looking to mentor potential interns. If you’re interested in spending sometime with our team, please reach out to us at [email protected]. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with Miamis Top Interior Design firm.

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Interior Design Updates from DKOR Interiors – Miami based interior design firm

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Our must see, “SNEAK PEAKS” are found on our instagram feed during construction and staging phases. This is one from our recent Ft. Lauderdale home reveal.

DKOR Interiors Takes on Canadian Interior Design : Furniture Selections

It’s about that time …….STAGING TIME! at our Canadian Interior Design project! Tomorrow we take off to tend to another adventurous international interior design project. This time… we’re even taking our celebrity photographer; Alexia Fodere.

Being a Top Contemporary Interior Designer takes work and of course TIME! We’ve been working on this project nearly 3 years and it is hard to remember every detail, especially if your project is in another country. Site visits don’t come as often as we’d like. We’ve been reviewing our presentations and checking off our list that everything has been delivered. This is a perfect opportunity to share with you some of our furniture selections.

This home has 3 levels, 5 bedrooms, 6 1/2 bathrooms, a theater room, a HUGE master suite, coat room (we don’t do too many of these in our Miami interior design projects) and of course extensive common areas; living room, family room, club room, gym, home office, etc. etc. etc. For the sake of staying focused, lets concentrate on the living area! Here is how we developed our design concept for the living room.


Lets be reminded of the concept… Reflections in Nature.


Image Sources: Martin Schmidt for Schmidt Architects, Everyhallowmoon via Windypoplarsroom Tumblr, Getty Image, Getty Image, magnetic_fruit for Flickr, Top 10 Photography.


Canadian Interior Design Furniture presentation for Blog_Page_5

We were inspired by the architecture of the home and brought it in throughout the carpentry and design features. Notice the angles with contrasting materials? Image Source: DKOR Interiors

It wouldn’t be fair to not share some progress photos of the living room. Above are some renderings of this fabulous Canadian contemporary home. Below you can see what it takes to build this massive property.

Canadian Interior Design Furniture presentation for Blog_Page_6

With the furniture, we softened the space. By using plush fabrics and rich leather materials it starts feeling warm in here and when its below ZERO outside… WE NEED ALL THE WARMTH WE CAN GET. Image Sources: Poliform, Swan, B & B Italia, and Moroso.

The space planning in this room was a bit tricky. Its a HUGE space on plan so imagine in the actual space. We decided to make two areas that could either be used for someone who just wanted to watch a little TV or enjoy the view and then easy be shifted into one larger seating area should the party get larger than expected.

Shop the pieces you will expect to see in the living room at the links below and stay connected with us via Facebook and Instagram to see our live updates from our Canadian Interior Design project. :)

Great Room Top 5 pieces:

  1. Swan Italy ” Kong ” Sectional

  1. CasaDesus ” Shelby “Sofa

  1. B & B Italia “AREA ” Coffee Table

  1. Poliform “Paris-Seoul “Side Table

  1. Moroso  ” Phoenix ” Coffee Table features DKOR Interiors – Stylish Ways to Accent a Bedroom Wall features Miami interior designers - DKOR Interiors features Miami interior designers – DKOR Interiors

This week, DKOR Interiors was featured in a Feature – 13 Stylish Ways to Accent a Bedroom Wall

This is something we’re asked all the time. When budgets a concern; we need to prioritize and that means that sometimes bedroom designs can be overshadowed by common spaces such as living rooms and foyers. So how do we spruzz up bedrooms without breaking the bank? Becky Harris, one of our favorite, contributors highlights a few ideas she gathered from different interior designers and of course she chose a bedroom design from your truely; DKOR Interiors.

Houzz Feature

“From tried-and-true favorites to the latest textures, these creative ideas can strengthen your bedroom’s design.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to give a bedroom a big wallop of design is with an accent wall. You could make the case that the best place to do this is behind the headboard, because the rest of the room should bow down to the place where we lay our heads, rather than compete with it, right?

The process can be as simple as painting the wall a different color. But with options available today like 3-D cement tiles and mica wallpaper, you might want to consider the range of choices before making a decision.”

Photography. The clever designers at DKOR Interiors Inc. had a photograph blown up, printed on canvas and then stretched across three canvas frames, creating a dynamic oversized triptych.

Article by : Becky Harris – Houzz Contributor

Here are a few other ways we’ve incorporated “statement headboards,” in our Miami and Ft. Lauderdale interior design.

Miami Interior Designers

Headboard Designs: Here we’ve used ceramic tiles installed in an interesting pattern as a headboard. These tiles are made to resemble natural materials.

Miami and Ft. Lauderdale interior design

Headboard Designs: This is another example of how we used photography to create an impactful headboard design.


Headboard Designs: Using an accent paint or wall paper color is also a great back drop for an installation. Here we’ve hung some crystals from the ceiling to add some glam to our Miami Beach condo design.

Head board design by Miami based interior designers - DKOR Interiors

Headboard Designs: Wall paper doesn’t have to be expensive. This is a relatively inexpensive paper selection provided by our sister company; DKOR Windows & Walls.

Headboard design by Miami interior designers - DKOR Interiors

Headboard Designs: A Plush Upholstered Headboard is always a beautiful option. This tends to be a bit more pricey but definitely gives you that customized interior design look you might be looking for.

Headboard Design by Miami interior designers - DKOR Interiors

Headboard Designs: This is a more contemporary take on an upholstered headboard. The mix of fabric with wood is GORGEOUS!

Headboard design by Miami based interior designers - DKOR Interiors

Headboard Designs: Here we’re mixing up a faux leather headboard with a more textured wall paper provided by DKOR Windows & Walls.

Headboard design by Miami interior designers - DKOR Interiors

Headboard Designs: Graphics are always impactful. Say something inspiring! Who doesn’t like to “DREAM?”

DKOR Interiors takes on Fort Lauderdale Interior Design – SITE VISITS

We couldn’t do this alone! – That’s for sure!

After 2 years of designing, planning, purchasing, inspecting, site visits and LOTS of follow ups; its all coming together at our latest Fort Lauderdale Interior Design project!

We are often asked, do you work on smaller projects or just new construction homes and the answer is, YES! we do take on smaller projects and this helps us level out the long withdraws of not having a turnover in months and sometimes years. We’re not going to lie, its difficult staying motivated about your project when it takes so long and being just as excited towards the end as we were when we first got to meet our new clients but this is when it counts the most. Its important to stay motivated and present towards the end of the project because this is when your Interior Designer needs to trouble shoot all of the small onsite challenges that arrive no matter how much you plan.

Whether you’re a home owner building your own home or a professional, one of the best ways to support your General Contractor is to visit the site as much as he or she feels comfortable to trouble shoot questions. Be proactive and encouraging when challenges arrive and always smile! It sounds like this might be obvious advice but trust us! it makes a bit difference in the long run.

Okay.. back to the project on hand!…

Last time we featured our Fort Lauderale interior design project we took you behind the scenes into the concept development phase and the thought process behind this spectacular waterfront residence. Now we’re going to take a deeper look into what really makes these spectacular DKOR Projects come to life: collaboration. We couldn’t get any of our projects completed without our extended team members. On this new construction Ft. Lauderdale home we are lucky enough to work with Bomar Builders. With experience with luxurious custom homes in Ft. Lauderdale, Hillsboro Beach, Boca Raton and Delray Beach they were the perfect builder for the project. Now they have been a bit more involved then what we were originally accustomed to but we were eager to hand over the engineering and procurement part of the project to them and leave us to do what we do best; DESIGN!!! Nonetheless we did make lots of site visits with the team to work out the details and make sure everything was being executed according to the original design intent. Lets take a look;

Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Home

Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Home

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design project (133)

Our steller GC engineers our powder room sink. #powderroom #interiordesign

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design project (13)

Checking out our LED lighting

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design project (1)

Client Signs off on Final Finishes for his Ft. Lauderdale Home.

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design project (11)

In deep conversation in water closet.

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design project (8)

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design project (10)

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design project (9)

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design project (5)

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design project (7)

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design project (6)

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design project (4)

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design project (2)

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design project (12)

Behind the DKOR Interiors Studio: Revealed by Jackie

This smile is contagious!! and we’re so grateful to have it around us everyday as part of our team. Go behind the scenes with Jackie and how she best describes our culture.


As the world evolves into faster, better, stronger, so does a powerful team of accomplished woman set into the professional casual culture of DKOR Interiors.

We is never I.

DKOR has a company culture that is deeply rooted in family values, being good to each other to be good to our clients.  Every part of the interior design design process is clearly articulated, yet we are always seeking ways to make it better, stronger, and even more efficient.

The details are a large part of what makes DKOR culturally remarkable.  The interiors developed are smart, ergonomic, well planned, and well executed because we have thought of every way it can be good and every way it can be bad.   We look at the space, furniture, or materials in every project as if it was our own home or the potential client that is going to see it in the glossy pages of an editorial.  These are meticulously designed spaces that are not about DKOR but about the people who live in them or want to live in them.

What makes DKOR’s interior design successful is this team, better yet the extended family of really professional young women.  We are different because DKOR is our home and we balance our work with play, creativity, and a good laugh.   We are friends that are constantly busy and easily distracted for productive purposes.   The relationships we form with our clients and vendors is natural because we have formed relationships that welcome new members that inspire us, drive us, and make us who we are.

Being here at the office is like being at home.  We design homes that are meant to be loved and the first home on that list is ours. The customized office warehouse is crafted to be lived in and loved by all team members and guests in our home.  We have a park with grass, large sunny windows, and a video conference room where meetings are held on the digitally imposed scene selections offered by Google hangouts. Desks are lined up like a fast moving nucleus and there is chocolate and coffee present at every moment of the day. If you show up at just the right hour you will find a group of us girls in boxing gloves at the neighboring gym.

“I quickly understood that working in causal flats and ripped jeans wasn’t about the trendy outfit from the fashion boards of Pinterest but that it is the uniform of a tightly knit team that gets a lot accomplished before most have had their morning coffee.  A team that should never be underestimated and a team that I have been so honored to become a part of.”

-Jacqueline DiCiaco

Interior design isn’t about the design, its about the process and how it affects peoples lives.

International Interior Designers Take – Manicure on the GO!

International Interior Designers Take – Manicure on the GO!

DKOR Interiors_Polish1

As International interior designers we are constantly using our hands to sketch our next greatest idea, point to finishes, and measure out details. A well manicure hand is a nice added touch, especially when working with clients!

We get it, who wants to spend the money every week and not to mention time to make sure your  nails are perfectly polished from a salon.

This is why Loreal’s Extraordinaire polish set is one of my favorite go to beauty products. Its a 3 step process that can be done quickly and easily at home.The third step is key. It’s a gel glaze…that dries in seconds!

Here’s a tip: Apply a generous amount of lotion on your hands, use nail polish remover to clean the lotion off your nails and then polish away! If your a messy nail applier like me, the lotion will make it easy to remove any unwanted polish from your skin.

Drying in seconds  allows me to even polish my nails in the morning just before I’m running out the door to our new Miami interior design studio! With that gel glaze, as interior designers, we no longer have to worry about that tape measure chipping our fresh polish!

DKOR Interiors_Polish

International Interior Design Firm is on the hunt for Herringbone Lovers!

Whats there not to love about herringbone? It classic and elegant, yet can add a graphic twist and punch to any space. At DKOR we are dying to debut herringbone pattern in one of our next international interior design projects! This probably will not come as a surprise If you frequently visit our Pinterest page. Our Interiors We Love board features many interior design spaces with herringbone pattern. Whether it be on the flooring, accent wall, or even a fabric; this iconic pattern never disappoints! Here are some of my favorite spaces that feature herringbone in many different styles.


Wood floor in a small scale herringbone lay adds warmth and a perfect amount of texture to any modern cleaned line interior. –Int2Architecture


Black slate tiles give a masculine take to the herringbone lay. Check out the rest of this home by Dyer Gimmes Architecture


Rustic wood and herringbone pattern is a perfect combination for classic inspired home. –My Domaine


Playfulness in tonality with the herringbone lay adds a perfect amount of POP to this modern fire place wall by Mckimm

Live far away? no worries, we’re an international interior design firm that is ready to take on your project!!

Herringbone design with Margaret


Above, DKOR Interiors lead designers catches a quick photo next to a beautiful ceramic herringbone installation display at this years Coverings show in Orlando. Ceramic wood planks are becoming more and more similar to the real thing and with this pattern, you really get a cozy homey feel with a contemporary twist. Here they’ve combined several colors from the same collection to give a bold interpretation of the installation technique. This would look great as an accent wall in a bathroom.  Come on… call us! and let us design your next amazing home.