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Dkor Designer, Marianna, clocks in this week on her favortie vendor from the annual ICFF Design Trade Show. Lighting vendor, Cerno Group, was on the top of Marianna’s list and we wanted to share with all of our interior design fans their beautiful products!

I think one of the most relatable aspects of Cerno is their approach to business and design, Marianna says. Their philosophy is summed us as: “The process of taking an intangible concept and developing it into a fully resolved finished light fixture is intoxicating. One could liken it to an artist’s final stroke to complete a painting or a mechanic repairing the seemingly irreparable. It’s this visceral sense of accomplishment that inspires us to continue designing and building things.”

We love that their approach to design is so heartfelt, just like ours at Dkor! When you have passion, you automatically create beauty! Head over to their website for a full run-down of their innovative designs:

Dkor Faves:






All images property of the Cerno Group


Wanted Design_Miami_Interior_Designers

After visiting this year’s ICFF show at the Javits Center in New York City, we headed over to the satellite show, WantedDesign. This show is dedicated to promoting up and coming creative minds so we knew that we would find new ideas and concepts that may result in the “next big thing” within the next couple of years. The show was divided by country and showcased designs from local designers of all categories. At the far end of the show you ended up at a birthday celebration for the WantedDesign show equipped with birthday cake, champagne and celebrity guest Karim Rashid. It was definitely fun and unexpected!

At the show, we also had the opportunity to meet up with one of our favorite up and coming furniture designers and manufacturers – EGG Collective. Stephanie Beamer was at the show in NYC representing her team and accepting the American Design Honors award.

I’m pretty sure if you’ve been anywhere on Pinterest home decor section, you’ve stumbled upon some of their unique pieces.  They pride themselves on local craftsmanship and their collaborative design environment. To check out more of their pieces;

It’s great to see local entrepreneurship be recognized and promoted. Congratulations to everyone from EGG Collective and we look forward to including your pieces in some of our international interior design projects.

To learn more about the WantedDesign show, visit:

For more about EGG Collective receiving their award, visit:


Some of our favorite pieces from EGG Collective:

Wanted Design_Miami_Interior_Designers

Wanted Design_Miami_Interior_Designers

Wanted Design_Miami_Interior_Designers

Wanted Design_Miami_Interior_Designers

Wanted Design_Miami_Interior_Designers

Wanted Design_Miami_Interior_Designers

Wanted Design_Miami_Interior_Designers

All photos are property and courtesy of Egg Collective

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HGTV Features DKOR Interiors


Wow! We could not be more grateful for all of the recent national press that Dkor Interiors and our amazing interior design projects have been receiving! This past month, we were not only featured as HGTV’s Designer of the week, but also included in this “Design Happens” blog post about the best use of bamboo flooring. This photo comes from our project, Detailed Minimalism, a super sleek modern home located in Miami, Florida.

The HGTV editorial team browses hundreds of professionals and thousands of images to find the best of the best for their blog posts and they chose us! Feel free to jump for joy along with us!



2015 ICFF Review


As many of you may have noticed, we visited the ICFF design trade show a couple weeks back in NYC. Being a top interior design firm, we’re always traveling and searching for inspiration so why not try NYC. ICFF is an annual design show showcasing furniture, lighting, wallpaper, accessories and anything appealing to the average interior design professional or aficionado.

One of our personal favorites during the show was meeting lighting designer Lindsey Adelman. We’re pretty sure you’ve seen her pieces!

Coming up with design concepts for any context, day in and day out, can be challenging. At our interior design studio in Miami, we typically gravitate towards nature. I’m sure it can sound cliché but when asking Lindsey what inspires her, she agreed. “Its where you want to be.” She’s inspired most by the northern Atlantic beaches and sketching. Coming from a coastal city with big ocean influences, we get it. Nature has little beginning and little end. Every color goes perfectly and there are no barriers or invisible lines you can’t cross.

Thank you ICFF for an exciting show!


DKOR Interiors Visits ICFF in NYC || With Lindsey Adelman


DKOR Interiors Visits ICFF in NYC || With Lindsey Adelman


DKOR Interiors visits ICFF in NYC || With Lindsey Adelman

Dkor Principal, Ivonne Ronderos, Reviews Maison & Objet

We’ve visited many trade shows, from HD Boutique in Las Vegas, NV to Isaloni in Milan, Italy but Maison & Objet is a show we’ve been trying to catch up to throughout the past few years that we had not been able to visit. The rumor spread quickly a few years ago that it was coming to visit Miami, so we jumped at the opportunity to visit it.

It was located in the Miami Beach Convention center, as most of our shows are, but only took up a small portion of the building. The booths were small and only a selected few were really outfitted the way one may expect to see a luxury brand featured. We were hoping to see much more exhibitors but this may just be typical for a first year event. There were a few interesting booths nonetheless and the talks were great! I’ve listed the Maison & Objet exhibitor list below in case you’re curious.

Luckily our attendance coincided with a chat by KARIM RASHID: FROM ANALOG TO DIGITAL. It was a pleasant surprise. I’m going to admit, I had my own preconceived idea that a designer at this level whom is probably asked at least a dozen times PER day if not more, “how do you like it? What do you like?,” would speak mostly about what “HE  liked.”

…it was the opposite. Most, if not all the decision process was dictated and designed around the “end user.” From sourcing out the building material, to the price point and the ergonomic factor for the average American user. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

“Interior design is not about the designer, it’s about the end user”

“Problem solving is design”

“Always consider sustainability during the material selection. This is our responsibility.”

“Luxury is knowing what we’re meant to do.”

“Luxury is time to get to do what we were meant to do.”

“Luxury is being challenged because of that.”

“Originality is usually caused because of a shift in technology.”

“Inspire yourself by looking around and being present in the world, look at how people are using things and interacting with their surroundings and each other.”

“Everything we design is in 2d and you need to step out of that box.” This probably explains the voluminous influence most of his pieces share.  

“He only designs in 3d. We can design in 3d because we have the tools to do it. 2d gave us 3d which gives us 4d which is our experience around the world.”


“Lets live in 4d; that’s our present experience and our truest form of luxury”; according to Karim Rashid. I highly recommend one of his chats.

For more exhibitors from the Maison & Objet show:









Maison & Objet Miami 2015 Round-Up by Anouk

As Miami’s Top Interior Design Firm, it’s important to stay on top of all interior design trends so we always make the effort to attend as many trade shows and conferences as possible. Last week, Miami was lucky enough to host the Parisian based Maison & Objet show in it’s very own sunshine home base! How convenient for us :)

Check out our favorite findings from the interior design show below. Did you attend as well? Leave a comment – Tell us about your favorite part!


I just loved their natural wood tones, mixed with darker pops to ground everything.

Their details in the carpentry were really nice and original. Their lighting they selected for the booth was fun and young, which appealed to me J

On one of their outside facades they had tray tables, that were set up in clusters, which I love using in projects, it’s so versatile.

The trays came in many different colors and style, with patterns as well. These are great items to bring a fun, light and original element in the spaces we design.




We are so incredibly HONORED, EXCITED, THRILLED, AMAZED and HAPPY to announce that HGTV has featured Dkor Interiors as their DESIGNER OF THE WEEK! This week only, check out HGTV’s instagram account to follow their favorite posts and designs from our portfolio. We are so incredibly honored with all of the love and support we have been receiving recently and we hope that everyone will share in the celebration with us! Thank you HGTV!

Step 1: Follow @dkorinteriors on Instagram

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Step 3: Check back during the week to see all of our featured designs :)



Calling all FLOR Fans


The girls at Dkor are gearing up for next week’s FLOR Design Challenge 2015. FLOR is inviting customers to visit the Miami store to assemble a small-scale version of a FLOR rug using 30 sample-sized carpet tiles. For the competition, FLOR will have more than 400 sample tiles available for consumers to work with and design their own unique entry. The 11 finalists will win an 8 x 10 version of their rug design (retail value $900) – YAY!

When: Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Where: 127 NE 40th Street, Miami, FL

About FLOR:
FLOR offers carpet design squares to create custom rugs, runners, or wall-to-wall designs of any shape and size. FLOR presents a dynamic alternative to conventional floor covering with endless design possibilities for an earth aware, transformational and striking design. Connected securely together with FLORdots™, one sided, non-toxic adhesives that can be easily removed or replaced, FLOR allows maximum flexibility and portability while delivering remarkable performance.


We hope you can join us next week! In the meantime, take a look at past projects by DKOR that have featured FLOR tiles:











LUXE_DKOR (2)_Page_1

We are beyond ecstatic to announce our recent editorial feature in the national interiors + Design Magazine, LUXE, the Miami edition.

This year’s April edition features the interior design project, Detailed Minimalism and is beautifully summarized by the article’s opening summary : “Form and function work in tandem when pops of color and clean-lined furniture float in a family home that is surprisingly detailed and modern.”   

The article starts: “For a young family of six that splits their time between Florida and Brazil, establishing a sense of personal space was a driving factor when designing their new house in Miami. After purchasing a sprawling Mediterranean style structure in a sought-after suburban neighborhood, the owners gutted it to make the home more in line with their family-focused lifestyle and modern aesthetic. To achieve this, the wife called on interior design firm DKOR Interiors after seeing her firm’s work in a friend’s home. “Our challenge,” says Ronderos, “was balancing ‘minimalism’ with ‘homey’ so it would be comfortable for the kids. It may not be apparent at first but this is a truly lived-in family home.” 

We would like to extend a huge thank you to construction company, Newman Brothers Construction for all of their hard work and dedication in working with us to complete this beautiful home along with all of the vendors who support us on a daily basis. We made sure to mention as many as we could!


Miami_Interior_Design_Magazine_Luxe Miami_Interior_Design_Magazine_Luxe Miami_Interior_Design_Magazine_Luxe Miami_Interior_Design_Magazine_Luxe Miami_Interior_Design_Magazine_Luxe Miami_Interior_Design_Magazine_Luxe Miami_Interior_Design_Magazine_Luxe


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