DKOR Pulls their Weight – Literally!

One of the most interesting parts of our job as interior designers in Fort Lauderdale is dealing with the unexpected. Last week this proved true as we were on site at our latest interior design project, A Fort Lauderdale Penthouse, to manage a delivery of over 1,000 lbs. in custom carpentry!

After much early consideration, we came to the realization that there was just no way to have our custom dining table delivered through the elevator or stairs of the Fort Lauderdale apartment building. We needed a Plan B. Harrison Crane Service offered us the option to hoist the items up over the balcony of the penthouse and then carried inside and placed inside the unit. The table is 12′ long and includes a solid glass top that is one piece – we did this so that there was no seam in the glass. Sound like an easy process?

After almost a week of coordination, we were ready to hoist! With the help of Rotsen Furniture who created the beautiful table and Kushner Moving Group who was responsible for the furniture pick up, delivery and placement, we were able to get the table inside the unit without a hitch!

Our morning and afternoon consisted of two torrential downpours (thankfully they were both short lived), one crane company, 12 movers from the Kushner Moving Group team, two project managers from DKOR, one carpentry team and one General Contractor. Just an ordinary day in the life our your Top Miami Interior Design Firm :)

Miami_Interior_Design_Firm Miami_Interior_Design_Firm Miami_Interior_Design_Firm Miami_Interior_Design_Firm Miami_Interior_Design_Firm Miami_Interior_Design_Firm Miami_Interior_Design_Firm Miami_Interior_Design_Firm Miami_Interior_Design_Firm Miami_Interior_Design_Firm



Famed news institution, Bloomberg, features DKOR as a Top Miami Interior Design Firm. The article talks about the top Outstanding Miami Waterfront Home Interiors and as always, we are honored to be included amongst the top Interior Design Firms.

“Weathered Elegance” is our Miami Beach interior design project featured, in particular the living room. Referenced as a “perfectly proportioned, refined space that includes an array of natural materials, soothing tones and low-slung furniture.”

Read more here.



Miami_Beach_Interior_Designers_ Miami_Interior_Design_Firm_dkor_Interiors Miami_Interior_Design_Firm_dkor_Interiors Miami_Interior_Design_Firm_dkor_Interiors


Designer Tips for Creating a Better Bedroom

Thank you (as always) to for featuring us in yet another “How To” home improvement Interior Design article. This topic focuses on how to spruce up your bedroom through tricks of the interior design trade and houzz used some of our favorite Miami Interior design projects.

See below the recommendations from and how we at DKOR have incorporated these tricks into our very own interior design projects:

1. Area Rug:

Crucial to pulling a room together.

Miami Modern Home

Miami Interior Designers

— Miami Modern Home in Miami, FL by DKOR Interiors Inc.




2. Sitting Space:

This is often an important function for our clients as they need an area to sit and get ready in the morning or relax in at night.





3. Mirrors:

Mirrors add depth and glamour without overwhelming a room.




4. A Styled Bedside + Bedside Storage:

Important for functionality and for pulling a room together.



5. Sex Appeal:

Keep it fun and interesting!

Miami_Interior_Design_Firm Miami_Interior_Design_Firm Miami_Interior_Design_Firm


Behind the DKOR: Revealed by Ivonne

Behind the DKOR: Revealed by Principal, Ivonne Ronderos 


Inspiration can be projected in so many ways… through art, design, work… relationships!

I’d like to say that I have a personal relationship with DKOR. It is similar to what one would have with a colleague, a family member or a friend. As in all relationships, time passes and things change; you change, it changes, the world around us changes and we adapt. There are times that I love interior design and times when I’m not too fond of it. I find the silver lining and move on.

Behind the scenes of DKOR Interiors, as the owner, I don’t get the choice to get up and move on… or at least I’ve never given myself that choice. As long as I can be of service to our interior design clients and the growth of my colleagues while helping to provide for my family, I have a purpose and that is my inspiration. This is what keeps me positive in the darkest of moments, and keeps me so passionate about my work and DKOR. I create relationships with co-workers, clients, homes, and enjoy them while they are present, accept them as they are, use empathy as a buffer during difficult times, and wish them all the best when we’re apart. Sure there are days that the grass can look greener on the other side, but as long as I feel respect, growth and passion for what I do, I will keep on going because I will always be the same person, only my surrounding would change while I feel alive and hope that those around me feel the same. We all have a voice, a room to create, to have fun, laugh and of course cry. Yes! We have our moments.

Miami_Interior_Designers_Ivonne Ronderos

Someone once explained to me that; “You are DKOR”, and I have to disagree. It is not a place, it’s not a person, it’s not a name or a logo; since all of these can change and burn down… hehe! (We know that pain first hand).  DKOR is a phenomenon, an accumulation of energy and passion that has been put forth by all the people who have walked through our doors, and will continue to do so as long as it stands.

To give out a better understanding of my relationship with DKOR, I have put together a small video entailing some fun facts about DKOR Interiors and what inspires me. Watch the full video on our Interior Design YouTube channel now! Miami Interior design

Miami_Interior_Designers_Ivonne Ronderos


Behind the DKOR: Revealed by Anahi

Behind the Scenes with Anahi – Why she loves making site visits in this Miami Heat


Fort Lauderdale Penthouse Interior design project

Through the interior design process, there are a lot of things that happen to complete one project. It’s complicated of course but I also find this challenge to be very fun! I really love being a part of the total design process. We all know that we love to design and to create, innovate and make our clients happy, but I don’t think that all people know to make this happen. We have to keep our eyes closely on the interior design process between the ideas and the reality. Site visits are so important to make this happen and above you can see her visiting one of our Fort Lauderdale interior design projects.

I remember my first site visit, I was so excited! The first time that you see all of your hard work and ideas in a big and real scale! Wow. Being able to see how things come along nicely together is a great satisfaction and motivation to keep doing your best. I love the feeling you get seeing how the ideas and hard work turns into reality.


Waterfront Fort Lauderdale Interior design project


Waterfront Fort Lauderdale Interior design project


Waterfront Fort Lauderdale Interior design project

























Above is one of Anahi’s first site visits to one of our latest Waterfront Fort Lauderdale interior design projects.

There is never a wasted site visit. There are always unexpected situations, or something to keep an eye on when it comes to interior design. Relationships with vendors are essential – during a site visit, you meet with vendors and when the installers come you have to be sure that everyone is on the same page. So building a good relationship with our trusted vendors is essential to all teams properly understanding each part of the project’s design intent. It’s all about team work! There is no way we can do it alone!

What you wear is also important. Just as a tip, black seems to NOT be a good idea as an interior design team member :) Site visits will always give you a touch of dust.

Even though, with all of the problem solving, dust, Miami heat and humidity, I enjoy the site visit for all the learning that they offer and the excitement of seeing things happen.

Every project is special, they become our babies and we love to see them grow! We are so lucky to work on beautiful projects with beautiful views and I find it amazing how everything is possible with teamwork.


Miami Beach Modern Home


Behind the DKOR: Revealed by Kishia

Behind the Scenes: Interior Design Project Manager Reveals What Keeps Her Going










Throughout my life I have always been a competitor and a team player which I learned through my favorite sport of volleyball. “Never quit” is probably the biggest life lesson that I learned through volleyball even if the odds are against you, you must believe you will succeed.

As a project manager at a top Miami Interior Design Firm I have to be a leader, team player, and most importantly be the best I can be and never quit. Even though there are those challenges that we face where we just want to throw in the towel and quit we have each other to lean on and push each other to the max. During our interior design project turnovers is when we really become like a team we get in our huddle, come up with our game plan and execute.

Miami_Interior_Design_Firm_Kishia Miami_Interior_Design_Firm_Kishia


One example of a challenge we had at one of our recent Miami interior design projects was with the living room light fixture from Delightful. We ordered the Coltrane pendants and didn’t open them until the day of install came, when we discovered that the length was too short. We got together as a team and coordinated the delivery of replacement cords and the install of re-wiring the light fixtures with our electricians. Deadline was 2 weeks away and we were getting the cords from Portugal! Luckily, everything went smoothly and in time and the light fixtures look gorgeous!

Even though at times turnover is the most stressful part of a project it’s the time where I feel more like we are playing a game of volley. Our principle, Ivonne, receives the projects and passes it up to the designers who then set it up for Lindsay and I, the project managers, to spike it down FOR THE WN!!!


DKOR Interiors has molded into a team to where we all have our responsibilities and depend on each other to get our jobs done. Each day we all have our challenges but our “never quit” motto helps to push ourselves to become and be better members of our Top interior design team.


Behind The DKOR: Revealed by Lindsay

Behind-The-Scenes at Dkor: When and Where I fell in love with Interior Design in Miami  

Born and raised in New York City, I have been surrounded by creativity and complexity my entire life. My career quest started on the path of art appreciation after studying Art History in college and when I took a position at the Museum of Modern Art in the heart of midtown. There was one particular exhibit in 2009 that I will never forget – “Shaping Modern Design.” I was astounded by the creative use of shape, color, texture and materiality and how seamless the transition of tangible art into a living interior design space appeared to be. I was intrigued and I wanted to see, learn and experience more!



Two years ago I moved to Miami, the Magic City, where art-deco thrives in a playground for up-and-coming artists, trend setters and designers. After finding my way to Dkor, an Miami based interior design firm that is constantly evolving and challenging itself, I knew I had found my path again. I bring this philosophy of creativity and surviving the challenge with me every day to work and love to see the translation from the day to day to our beautiful interior design projects in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.


Touring the Miami Museum scene during my first week here!












Stay Inspired. Be Creative! 










Behind The DKOR: Revealed by AnaMaria

Interior Designer AnaMaria: My favorite “Behind the DKOR” is…

Of course – the good times!



Good times at DKOR means:

  1. We take the time to be good to each other and celebrate life.
  2. Starting the day with a big smile and the right attitude.
  3. Blocking out a few hours in our calendars to design, be creative and laugh.
  4. Enjoying lunch time together, which leads to a lot of sharing.
  5. Looking forward to the world cup pool every day.
  6. Fresh coffee in the morning, followed up with some delicious pastries.
  7. Dancing to our favorite songs randomly throughout the day.
  8. Pushing ourselves to be creative in our interior design projects various ways, for example having colorful Fridays, where everyone has to dress in a color blocking way.

Good energy is contagious! At DKOR we inspire each other not only as a profession interior design firm but most importantly we are happy professionals that appreciate and enjoy each other!


Behind The DKOR: Revealed by Margaret

Behind the scenes with Margaret: What it is about being a Miami based interior Designer that I Love

What I love about the design and art world is that there is always room for one’s self interpretation. For me, this is when I truly start to connect, because we are given that moment to tell our side of the story.

This idea/philosophy happens here are DKOR when we first begin our concept interior design process. As we get together, we are excited with ideas flowing out of our heads, that often, pleasant misunderstands happen. Let me explain.


Miami Based Interior Design Firm

As we sit together at a table and start sketching or searching for ideas on Pinterest, our mind begins to run really fast with ideas as we are always so excited for this stage. Usually our words cannot keep up with the elaborate ideas that we envision in our heads. As we each sketch and start to discuss our ideas, it may at first come out as a jumbled mess. So you can only imagine how each of us start to interpret each others designs. Sometimes we are understanding each other but other times, most of the time, we are not. And this may sound like a bad thing, but believe me, it is not. This is when all the interior design magic starts to take action and we begin to see it unveil in our Miami and Fort Lauderdale Interior design projects. We each look at each others sketches and may quickly think ‘I like it, What is it?’ but quickly interpret it in our own way.


Miami Based Interior Design Firm










At this point an idea started and has developed into something amazing and extravagant with each of our interpretations.

This is the reason why it is so vital to collaborate in interior design, to put our heads together, and create something that not just my brain can think of but also all the other designers and team members on the project. Each of us stretch the design to its furthest extent without really knowing it. That pleasant misinterpretation and misunderstanding between each other is how we end up taking one great thing and making it spectacular.


“I like it. What is it?” – What is your interpretation?

For me, this is what excites me about design because it is so unexpected and an amazing creation can pleasantly catch us off guard as it is created in a “organized mess.”


Behind the DKOR: Revealed by Maca

For today’s blog “Behind the DKOR” I would like to talk about Pinterest!

Why Pinterest?


For the last couple of months, we have started several new Miami and Fort Lauderdale interior design projects and Pinterest has been a great platform that helps us to understand what our client likes and wants. Sometimes our clients can’t exactly visualize or describe design features or interior moods that they would like to have in their own personal home so Pinterest is a great tool for us to share the interior design process with our clients. Also, this is a great way to start building a relationship with our clients by allowing them an interactive way to get involved with our design process. Pinterest helps us to begin brainstorming our concept and design ideas. At DKOR we always create a ‘Project Pin Board’ on Pinterest for our new clients and we all get to ‘pin’ any photos that we think will fit the project – it’s interactive and collaborative for the entire team.

In addition, if you’re looking for inspiration, Pinterest is a great platform to navigate through thousand of great ideas, not just interior design related, but personal ones as well. We all love sharing great quotes, designs, fashion statements, photographs, etc. that motivate us and encourage us to work hard and be better. This platform makes it easy for us to keep track of our inspiration and share them with clients and also all of our Pinterest users that follow us.

We love Pinterest!


Pinning for one of our latest Miami Interior Design projects

Behind The DKOR: Revealed by Chelsea

Behind The Scenes at DKOR: Chelsea Mayo reveals where her Interior Design inspiration lives. 



Last summer I was lucky enough to travel in Italy for seven weeks. I knew going abroad would be filled with adventure, amazing food, phenomenal wine and breath taking architecture. But I did not realize how much it would inspire me!

I have always had a passion for Interior Design, but seeing how the Italian’s merged the modern styles of today with the grand and elaborate architecture of the past took my breath away! I had never felt so inspired to create.

Traveling and experiencing different cultures has had such a huge impact on the interior designer that I am today.

Since Joining Dkor, I’ve used much of what I learned while abroad in Italy. Not only has it served as great inspiration, but I also came to know many of Italian vendors we use here at DKOR.

Miami_Interior_Designers_Chelsea Miami_Interior_Designers_Chelsea_1 Miami_Interior_Designers_Chelsea

Our Favorite American Interiors

So the whole world is watching soccer, right? That doesn’t mean us Miami interior Design enthusiasts can’t relate. In honor of today’s game, USA vs. Belgium, we are celebrating our favorite American interiors as featured below. Also in honor of the upcoming Fourth of July Holiday, we have highlighted as much red, white and blue as possible. As a top Fort Lauderdale and Miami interior Design Firm located in Miami, FL, that patriotic color palette isn’t in top demand :)

Interior Design Basics: Red, White & Blue

Miami Interior Design

Interior Design Basics: Red, White & Blue

Miami Interior Design



Miami Interior design process


Miami Interior design process


Miami Interior design process


Miami Interior design process


Miami Interior design in Aventura Lakes


Interior design in Fort Lauderdale


Interior design in Fort Lauderdale


Interior design in Fort Lauderdale

Miami_Interior_Design_Ft._Lauderdale_Fort_Design_4 Miami_Interior_Design_From_Fort_Lauderdale Miami_Residential_Interior_Design_LivingRoom Miami_Residential_Interior_Design_GuestBedroom

Miami Modern Home in Miami, FL by DKOR Interiors Inc.

Miami Interior design process


Miami Beach Interior design process


Miami Beach Interior design process



Miami Beach Interior design process


Miami Beach Interior design process


Sunny Isles Interior design project


A Sunny Isles Beach interior

Designer 411: Best Tips & Tricks from

Thank you to for featuring us yet again!! and are one of the leading online sources for interior design enthusiasts and professionals.

The editorial team at have collected some of the best tips and tricks from their past Interior Designer Spotlights for this article. See what their favorite interior design firms have to say about color, re purposing furniture, layering, and much more!

Read the full article here.



New life concept: don’t be boring!




Lead Interior Designer, Margaret Smith, shares her experiences from this past design fair.

New Life concept – Don’t be boring: This is precisely what traveling to Milan and getting fully emerged in the Isaloni fair says.

Each different furniture vendor and each different show room, the creative designs, the booths that are incredibly designed and built for just 7 days are speaking to all of us by saying:

  • Who says you cannot do something
  • Do not let limits stop you
  • Be out of the box – literally – way beyond out of the box – think upside down if needed
  • And more than anything…why not?

These amazing designs instilled a fire in me and my interior design colleagues to be brave and move forward and just do without thinking without consequence. Because at the end of the day, things are actually WAY more possible then we all really think. This philosophy needs to be applied to more interior design.

The fair, which highlights furniture pieces and carpentry from furniture vendors, shows that an astonishing impact can be made with just fine furnishings!

Its all in the details – and these are some pieces that blew my mind:

Miami_Interior_Designers_Italy_Salone_2014 Miami_Interior_Designers_Italy_Salone_2014_2 Miami_Interior_Designers_Italy_Salone_2014_3 Miami_Interior_Designers_Italy_Salone_2014_4 Miami_Interior_Designers_Italy_Salone_2014_5 Miami_Interior_Designers_Italy_Salone_2014_6 Miami_Interior_Designers_Italy_Salone_2014_7 Miami_Interior_Designers_Italy_Salone_2014_8 Miami_Interior_Designers_Italy_Salone_2014_9



The newest member to the interior design team here at DKOR is accounting superstar, Jhenny Lopez. As the latest addition to our growing team, we asked Jhenny to share what it is about her current experiences at DKOR that makes her so happy. As a full service firm, it is always very interesting for us to share with our followers every step of the process that is involved in interior design, from concept creation to project management to accounting. Below, Jhenny dishes on just what being a part of that full service team means to her:













“Working is a necessity that every human needs to fulfill. This could be working inside the house or in a work place, but all of us need a reason to wake up every morning and keep going.
In my case I always thought to be a big business woman and one day when I was around 16 years old a priest asked me my dreams so I told him my idea; he said that I have to be a great mother and a wonderful wife. At that time I didn’t understand but know I see that everything can be combined because everything is about the family; and having a family at work is the perfect solution.
At DKOR, we have a  big family with members of different backgrounds with only one mission that is to love everything we do. At work I feel the passion the interior designers put in every option they have for the customer, the project managers try to get every discount for the customer and the best price, and you, Ivonne, are the best guider and person. You project us confidence and security and keep us pushing us for a better tomorrow.
In conclusion, I love to work with my new family and I thing having lunch all of us together is a really important time to share.”   




“When I moved to Miami, I was dreaming for a workplace like this, but I have found more than I was expecting!”

“DKOR is a place where I can challenge myself – where I am presented with the opportunity to grow as an interior designer every day. We are constantly motivated to not only become better professionals but better people. Every day we look for innovative and creative ideas that help us improve our work and in turn, give the best results to our clients.

When you work with a team like the one we are at DKOR, every interior design project becomes a gratifying experience. I really love to be part of this team knowing that my work and the work of each person involved in the interior design process is an important and essential part of every project that we manage. Not only have we learned to work effectively together but we also strive to bring out the best in each other. I am never afraid to ask questions – every day I am learning something new and I love it!

I love to come to work and have fun at the same time. It’s a place where work is actually fun, not only because we easily find an excuse for a party, but for the great team we have created. It does not matter if I am having a bad day because DKOR has showed me that we can always find a happy face for it! We support each other and make things happen! And that encouragement is worth more than anything!

The meaning DKOR has for me is that hard work always pays off. I could not ask for a better place to work. I am really very thankful for the wonderful opportunity that I have been given to be part of DKOR.




If you have been following along with us on the blog, you would know that it’s time for the big reveal of our latest residential interior design project, Architectural Volume! We are very excited about this project as every member of the interior design team here at DKOR has had their hand in the completion of this breathtaking home.

The interior design concept is based on the elements of volume, texture and contrast between light and dark. We used organic materials, such as dark woods and natural stones in the design features, such as void details in the ceiling to create a voluminous and open airy space throughout the home. The end result is a modern home with daring architectural features that highlight a peaceful living environment.

Please enjoy the photos and as always, we love to hear your feedback!!! And remember you can always visit our website to see all of our project photos.

Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design Architectural Volume Miami Interior Design




BAR Before and After – “Contemporary Comfort” by DKOR Interiors


We are honored yet again to have one of our latest residential interior design projects, “Contemporary Comfort” featured on, the premier resource for interior design professionals and enthusiasts.

You have followed along with us on the blog as we shared with you the journey behind the interior design process of this Contemporary home in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Take a look below as Houzz recants the beautiful transition of this classic Mediterranean house turned an elegant and contemporary home.

Read the full article here.


Terrace – “Contemporary Comfort” by DKOR Interiors


Living Room – “Contemporary Comfort” by DKOR Interiors


Master Bathroom – “Contemporary Comfort” by DKOR Interiors


SECOND FLOOR LOFT Before and After – “Contemporary Comfort” by DKOR Interiors


Kid’s Room – “Contemporary Comfort” by DKOR Interiors


Terrace & Pool Deck – “Contemporary Comfort” by DKOR Interiors

















Read the full article here.


What does Interior Design Firm DKOR Interiors Mean To Me? 



“DKOR’s culture is built on innovation, interior design thinking and keeping our customers happy. DKOR is the perfect definition of collaboration, dedication and innovation combined. I believe in our company and our interior design services. I believe that we deliver the very best to our clients. I can’t think of any other company that does what DKOR does for their employees, personally and professionally.”

“I feel this is the perfect place to grow on all levels as an interior designer. I am not afraid to ask questions, I am learning new things and I am challenged every day. It’s encouraging. I love working in a collaborative environment to which I have the privilege to learn from all of my co-workers while also helping others.”

“Most importantly, I am able to balance work with personal matters without conflict. There is very little stress. Everyone just does their job, and that makes it a pleasure to come to work every day. I am very blessed and grateful for this amazing opportunity. When I first moved to Miami, it was just me, my husband and my daughter, now I have a bigger family, my DKOR family.”

Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_Designers Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_Designers






What does DKOR mean to me?













“It’s the job I never actually thought existed. It’s the job I had only dreamed about getting once I graduated school. DKOR means to me looking forward coming to work, it means not only having a job, but another family as well.

DKOR is different from other interior design companies, not only because we have dog birthday parties, or find any excuse to have an office party for that matter, but it’s different in the way that we work.  We work in teams, constantly inspiring each other and providing motivation.  We are always bouncing ideas off of one another, which not only makes us better interior designers, but closer as a team. Another thing that makes DKOR different from other companies is the atmosphere. When you first walk into DKOR, the good moods and comradery is contagious! This makes DKOR not only a fun place to work, but a productive one as well.

Lastly I love DKOR because everyone that I work with inspires me to become a better interior designer. No one here ever settles, their attention to detail is astounding. The way each project has an individual concept and feel shows just how versatile DKOR is, and inspires you to push yourself to be the best you can. They have shown me to go above and beyond what originally was thought as possible, to create spaces that not only meet, but exceed client’s expectations.

So what does DKOR mean to me? It means I can proudly say that I love my job, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to work at DKOR Interiors.”



Interior Design 101: Project Turnover 

It’s that time again! We are super busy turning over back to back projects and rather than just sharing with you the final, professional photos, we love to keep you updated throughout the entire interior design process.

This project, Architectural Volume, is very special to us. The DKOR team has endured nothing but struggles along the way but with the perseverance of our entire interior design team, our general contractor, all of the contractors and most importantly our client, we were able to produce an exceptionally beautiful and meaningful home.

Take a look at the below virtual tour of the home’s progression. Can you tell which rooms turned into which? And don’t forget to check back soon for the final photos! We can’t wait to share them with you!!

Kids Room – The Before, During and After: (The transition is awesome)


Before – During – After

MORE OF THE TRANSITION:Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_interiors Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_interiors Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_interiors Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_7 Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_interiors Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_interiors Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_interiors Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_interiors Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_interiors Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_interiors Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_interiors Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_interiors


Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_interiors Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_interiors Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_interiors Miami_Interior_Design_Ft_Lauderdale_interiors



I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME : Purpose & Inspiration – DKOR Interiors Visits Isaloni 2014


















“I will never be the same” was what one of my interior design colleagues shared with us after only one day of visiting the Isaloni fair.

This had been my second year at Isaloni but this year was different. We were invited by Federlegno as a their guest to visit the trade show and see first hand why Italian designers and manufacturers are amongst the best in the world! DKOR Interiors represented luxury interior design firms from the United States – “WOW!” What an honor.

Even when we had arrived to Milan, we didn’t really understand the profound mission of Federlengo and our participation as interior designers until we began speaking to the vendors first hand.

What’s happening here is that there is a decline in the Italian furniture market to the European consumer because of the economic struggles that Europe is enduring. The lack of capital is affecting tremendously the furniture industry and even putting many of them at risk, especially the emerging designers and manufacturers. The Italian manufacturers are now entering a global market and the global competition is now very present. As in any business, the first step in growth is understanding your consumer, their needs and expectations. We were brought here to help educate them on what the American market is looking for on a high-end residential level. A lot of the interviews that we did, including one  with the Business Journal of Milan, was based on how we thought they could increase their presence in the U.S.

We suggested the following:

1. CULTURE (you know I love that word :) )

Some of the manufacturers do not seem to understand the demands that our clients have on us. Our DKOR team understands this well. Our clients need to have pricing, samples, feedback, lead times and better customer service from the factories to the vendors and thus trickling down to us and lastly to the client in order for them to feel confident that their pieces will be of great quality, on time and exactly what they expected. This also allows them less time to give up and look for something locally, cheaper and not half as great as the “knock off” version that they can get “next day.”


It is so important for us to see their products in person. For this we suggest the following:

a. Offer the vendors a better price on showroom samples. Our clients tend to go with what they can see in person – maybe they have confidence in a brand and might purchase a piece without seeing it but for the most part, they go with what their friends talk about (ugh) or what they see in person in the showroom.

b. Pop up stores. It would be great to have the opportunity to see an array of vendor offerings, even if just for a short and limited time. These trade shows are amazing but they are not often local enough to satisfy our client’s needs to see, feel, smell and touch the actual products. Thinking out of the box, we suggested sending over containers that can rotate from city to city. Whatever the solution may be, we need one fast because the typical conventions are too expensive and are not getting enough attention.











One of the most frustrating and consistent hurdles we deal with is transportation of materials. Ideally, we would love to find a company that will work with both designers and consumers directly to ship to the U.S. This way, that company is solely responsible for the importing and the designers can buy direct. Otherwise, the designers end up waiting for their local vendors to fill their own containers thus cutting the lead times in half.


Isaloni is like being a small child at FAO Schwarz in New York City for the first time; absolutely overwhelming! These showrooms invest thousands of dollars, hours and manpower to show off their creativity not only in the pieces that they represent but in their unconventional staging spaces. Remember, this is a seven day event and all of these installations are then brought back down.

Here are a few examples of the beautiful displays:


This showroom built a staircase with an upstairs VIP sitting lounge for its guests! For any Design professional that has ever built a staircase in a project, the logistics on this alone can be a nightmare. Mitered tempered glass railing at a 90 degree angle…WOW!


So why is it that we “have to” put the light pendant in the middle of the Dining Room table? This is beautiful.


Making fixtures made out of Rebar! Why didn’t we think of that?


This showroom hung huge mirrored planters with trees over our heads! All I could think was “how cool! And what if one of those falls?”


Random splash of paint color – WHY NOT?!


“What finish do you prefer?” Chrome, Brass, Satin…boring. OR……..





How To Work With An Interior Designer

Thank you for including us in another fabulous article!
















“An interior designer can develop a vision for what your home could be. With style cues from you, he or she will complete all the steps required from initial requirements to fulfilling orders and overseeing installation. The interior design firm will prepare concepts, floor plans and elevations (drawings of upright walls useful for built-ins and cabinetry), furniture specifications, lighting plans, mill work designs — the whole deal from concept to completion.” At DKOR Interiors we work locally on residential interior design projects in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami where we get asked these questions ALL the time.

What to expect: ”A project requiring full interior design services may take place over several months or up to a year or more for an entire home. You will attend regular meetings where you can get project status updates, review design work and gather further information as your requirements are honed in on.”

Another great read from is “How to Work with an Interior Designer.” Click thru to read up on how these pros go beyond cosmetic concerns to ensure that a space feels harmonious through and through, from its floor plan and architectural envelope to the last nail head, tassel and tuft.

Miami_Ft_Lauderdale_Interior_Design_Designers Miami_Ft_Lauderdale_Interior_Design_Designers Miami_Ft_Lauderdale_Interior_Design_Designers Miami_Ft_Lauderdale_Interior_Design_Designers Miami_Ft_Lauderdale_Interior_Design_Designers


Thrilled Interior Design Firm: DKOR is Featured in Design District Magazine for their latest Ft. Lauderdale interior design project

Miami_Interior_Designers_Design District Magazine-Dkor Interiors_Page_cover

We are beyond thrilled to be included in the March 2014 “Interiors” issue of Miami’s Design District Magazine. In this Spring 2014 edition, DKOR Interiors is featured amongst topics from celebrating the opening of the new Perez Art Museum to showcasing the new ‘Bentley’ automobile luxury inspired home Collection.

Our story starts with humble beginnings. In the article, we walk you through the year and a half turnover of this Ft. Lauderdale interior design project, Contemporary Comfort. Starting out as just a living room and kitchen renovation, this house turned into a complete waterfront luxurious interior design renovation.

Read the full article here.

Miami_Interior_Designers_Design District Magazine-Dkor Interiors_Page_1 Miami_Interior_Designers_Design District Magazine-Dkor Interiors_Page_2 Miami_Interior_Designers_Design District Magazine-Dkor Interiors_Page_3


Don’t Miss Us On HOUZZ.COM

DKOR 101: View All of Our Interior Design Projects

It’s the weekend, you have some free time :)

Don’t forget to check us out on, our favorite resource for interior design inspiration and advice. Houzz is commonly the first stop for new and experienced home owners, curious DIY’ers as well as professional vendors and interior design firms and companies to gather insightful design information.

We have recently updated our HOUZZ portfolio with our two latest interior design projects and we encourage you to take a look, as questions and get involved! We love to hear feedback from the HOUZZ community and encourage the creative design process.


Ft. Lauderdale_Fort Lauderdale_Interior_Design_Miami_Designers

Contemporary Comfort – Residential Interior Design Project in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Ft. Lauderdale_Fort Lauderdale_Interior_Design_Miami_Designers

Contemporary Comfort – Residential Interior Design Project in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Ft. Lauderdale_Fort Lauderdale_Interior_Design_Miami_Designers

Contemporary Comfort – Residential Interior Design Project in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Ft. Lauderdale_Fort Lauderdale_Interior_Design_Miami_Designers

Contemporary Comfort – Residential Interior Design Project in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.












A Moody Contemporary Home – Residential Interior Design Project in Aventura, FL.


A Moody Contemporary Home – Residential Interior Design Project in Aventura, FL.


A Moody Contemporary Home – Residential Interior Design Project in Aventura, FL.















A Moody Contemporary Home – Residential Interior Design Project in Aventura, FL.


Salone Milano 2014 Interior Designer Spotlight: ANA MARIA 


“Design is in The Details” 

I like to think of furniture designers as furniture architects and my experiences at iSalone this year only helped to solidify this thinking. As an interior designer, we rely heavily on the guidance of furniture to speak to a certain style, mood and ambiance. The photos below are a great example of how a furniture architect thinks beyond the use of a space and a piece.

One of my favorite learning experiences from the show was the constant encouragement to be adventurous and playful! For example, playful furniture that turns from a two-seater sofa to a single seat chair. But this is done in a very glamorous way while still maintaining function and design.

My mind was overcome with the challenges presented to normal design. The show this year was all about breaking the mold and encouraging designers to think outside of their comfort zone. Since the day we’ve come back to Miami, I have already started applying this adventurous way of thinking to our interior design projects.

Miami_Interior_Designers_Milano_Saloni_2014 Salone_Milan_2014_Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale

















Salone_Milan_2014_Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale Salone_Milan_2014_Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale



Salone Milano 2014 Designer Spotlight: KISHIA 

As our team returns back from Milan, Italy, we pick their brains to find out the most inspiring moments they experienced at the revered Interior Design Show.

“Our biggest “AH HA” moment in the show was when we found one panel drawers!!”

Check back daily to follow the whole team on this adventure and see below to read more about Kishia’s AH-HA moment!


“My favorite part about attending the iSalone Show in Milan, Italy was being able to see all the new trends and simple solutions in Interior Design that the European Artisans have come up with. As a project manager at DKOR Interiors I am faced with different issues every day that require solutions and just by attending the show there were a couple solutions or new ideas that we plan on using in future jobs.”

“As for the new trends in carpentry my favorite was the use of metal and glass integrated with the carpentry. In the wall unit below from Poliform you can see the metal integrated with the carpentry creating that sleek and thin look that we like to use. In past interior design projects we could get a shelf this thin out of wood because it wouldn’t be able to hold anything and would bow. This is a great solution to create a thin shelf while also making it functional to hold heavy items.”

I believe our biggest “AH HA” moment in the show was when we found one panel drawers!! We always try to push for less seams and therefore end up making big drawers, which usually results in heavy drawers and our carpenters saying we can’t do it. So this discovery is now our answer for our future projects along with many more innovative and simple solutions to use!


In this photo you also see the use of metal for thin shelves but also on the door panel, creating a different element.


iSalone_Milano_2014_Miami_Interior_Design_dkorinteriors iSalone_Milano_2014_Miami_Interior_Design_dkorinteriors

iSalone Blog Series: Day 1 – About DKOR

Blog Series: DKOR Visits Milano iSalone 2014 

As we mentioned in a previous blog, last week in Milan, Italy we were invited to represent Boutique High-End Residential Interior Design Firms at a series of talks presented to Italian manufacturers. The goal of the meeting was for Italian manufacturers to gain insight into the workings of U.S. Interior Design Firms in effort to eliminate the gap between the Italian and U.S. market.

We are very excited to share with you how the iSalone show has inspired us in our past work and will continue to inspire us to break the mold of Interior Design in the USA.

Below is a look at the presentation prepared by our firm to introduce who we, what we do and how we work. We are excited to continue to share with you our findings in this 2014 blog series.

Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors Miami_Interior_Designers_Fort_Lauderdale_Interiors


i Salone Milano 2014: Interior Design Findings 



This year has been such an exciting opportunity for us! Above owner, Ivonne Ronderos, is interviewed as part of the official YouTube campaign. Questions focused on Italian Design and its influence within our interior design firm.

And here we are representing high end residential interior design firms in the USA during insider vendor conference.

salone_Milano_Interior_Design_Miami salone_Milano_Interior_Design_Miami

Some findings from yesterday that caught our eye! The beauty, originality and concept presented here in Milan is overwhelming and life changing:

salone_Milano_Interior_Design_Miami salone_Milano_Interior_Design_Miami salone_Milano_Interior_Design_Miami salone_Milano_Interior_Design_Miami salone_Milano_Interior_Design_Miami



Check out our latest inclusion in Houzz’s “5 Tips for Hosting a Memorable Cocktail Party:”


We are always thrilled to be included as part of a community. The world of interior design is so vast and objective, it truly inspires us to see how everyone else values our work and the work of others. We are interior designers constantly on the hunt for new, improved and creative ideas to incorporate into our designs.

Below are some other inspiring photos from past DKOR Interiors projects that were designed with the goal of creating memorable parties and dinners for the home’s family. The idea is: large dining table, comfortable yet beautiful seating, eye catching lighting and breathtaking centerpieces (which surprisingly, end up always being last on our list because it is such a challenging process to find just the right centerpiece).

Ft_Lauderdale_Interior_Designers Ft_Lauderdale_Interior_Designers Ft_Lauderdale_Interior_Designers


Ft_Lauderdale_Interior_Designers Ft_Lauderdale_Interior_Designers



MILAN 2014 – DKOR HEADS TO iSaloni


It’s that time of year again (yay!). The DKOR team is gearing up to take their second annual trip to Milan, Italy to visit the iSaloni 2014 Design Show. Not only is this an amazing opportunity for the interior design team to gain insight, knowledge and sneak peaks into the latest and greatest interior design trends, but this year we are are also extremely honored to be selected as participants as well.

“FederlegnoArredo is an Italian association of furniture and wood manufacturers and the owner of Cosmit, who organizes the Salone del Mobile. Every year FederlegnoArredo invites architects, designers, builders, and industry professionals from all over the world to visit the tradeshow and see why Italian design is the finest in the world. FederlegnoArredo chooses the designers based on their projects, and the relevance of Italian design in their cities. We are happy to welcome the team of DKOR Interiors this year as a FederlegnoArredo guest.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled for the opportunity to present to the leading vendors, manufacturers and curators of the interior design industry about our company and how we impact the South Florida market.

Check back next week as we will be launching an exciting blog series on all of our Milano findings!

DKOR Project: A Contemporary Moody Home


We are very excited to announce the launch of our latest interior design project, A CONTEMPORARY MOODY HOME. Over the past few weeks, we have posted a blog showing you the concept behind this interior design project which included a sleek and simple design objective as well as the progress to which produces such a beautiful outcome.

The project gets its name from a very particular mood that is established through the sultry color palette, layers of grey and deep hues of color. These elements along with a mixture of texture, materials and depth of space produce a cozy interior design plan that also exudes luxury.

This is a two story home located in Aventura Lakes, Florida consisting of 4 bedrooms and 4 baths.

We are so excited to share with you the beautiful photos! Please enjoy!

Photo Credit: Alexia Fodere.


Residential Interior Design Project, Living Room and Dining Room – Aventura, FL


Residential Interior Design Project, Dining Room and Kitchen – Aventura, FL


Residential Interior Design Project, Entry Foyer – Aventura, FL


Residential Interior Design Project, Powder Room – Aventura, FL


Residential Interior Design Project, Stairs – Aventura, FL


Residential Interior Design Project, Second floor hallway – Aventura, FL


Residential Interior Design Project, Master Bedroom – Aventura, FL


Residential Interior Design Project, Master Bathroom – Aventura, FL


Residential Interior Design Project, Master Closet and Bathroom – Aventura, FL


Residential Interior Design Project, Guest Bedroom – Aventura, FL


Residential Interior Design Project, Daughter’s Bedroom – Aventura, FL


Residential Interior Design Project, Guest Bathroom – Aventura, FL


Residential Interior Design Project, Boys Bedroom – Aventura, FL


Residential Interior Design Project, Closet – Aventura, FL


Residential Interior Design Project, Bathroom – Aventura, FL



As we get ready to reveal to you professional photos of yet another beautiful interior design project, we want to share with you a video that shows a quick look into all of the blood, sweat and tears that goes into the interior design turnover.

In this video, we walk you through the home virtually. This is a great way to experience the richness and complexity of the interior design process beyond the photograph.

Visit our YouTube Channel for the complete walk through!












We are very excited to announce the launch of our latest interior design project, A CONTEMPORARY MOODY HOME. Last week we posted a blog showing you the concept behind this interior design project which included a sleek and simple design objective.

The project gets its name from a very particular mood that is established through the sultry color palette, layers of grey and deep hues of color. These elements along with a mixture of texture, materials and depth of space produce a cozy interior design plan that not only exudes a sleek contemporary feel but a luxurious one as well.

This is a two story home located in Aventura Lakes, Florida consisting of 4 bedrooms and 4 baths.

We are so excited to share with you the beautiful photos! Please enjoy! You can also see them anytime in our portfolio.

Photo Credit: Alexia Fodere.

Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Residential_Interior_Design_BoysBedroom_Optimized Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design


We are thrilled to reveal another one of our latest interior design projects – A Contemporary Moody Home. We plan on revealing the final photos on Friday so this week we wanted to share with you all of the work that went into the creation of this home’s intimate and contemporary interior design.

The concept for the design is based on the theory of sleek and simple. Through a mixture of elements, materials, depth, planes and texture, a particular mood is created. Although the home has a contemporary interior design, the feeling of coziness and luxury is not lost in the deep hues of color, shades of gray and depth of the design features.  Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design


Interior Design 101: The Rendering

Interior Design 101: The Rendering

As we get ready to present to you the process behind our newest Fort Lauderdale interior design project, we would like to show you the renderings of the home’s exterior. One of the most helpful tools during the interior design process is a rendering – this is the best way for the client to visualize their future space.

Enjoy this breathtaking home!

Ft. Lauderdale Residential Interior Design

Ft. Lauderdale Residential Interior Design


2014 PRESS

As we start the year off wrapping up a bunch of project turn overs, we are honored to continually be featured among the top interior design magazines, online resources and blogs. One of the ways we maintain our investment as top Miami Interior Design firm is by making an effort to have our interior design projects recognized by it’s colleagues and peers. We are grateful for every single publication!








From Mediterranean to Modern: Furniture and Lighting Mood

We are very excited to reveal the final walk through of our latest interior design project in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As you remember, last week we wrapped up converting a Mediterranean residence into a modern dream house.

Before we are ready to reveal the final photos; we have the interior design furniture and accessory presentation left to share with you. Let’s start with the kitchen concepts, which we left off last time. In the “before” photographs, you may recall the kitchen had dark traditional cabinets with brown and grey granite counters. Designed in a galley-like style, our interior design team at DKOR Interiors wanted to create a more open and airy space.

We proposed a mixture of white marble contrasted with walnut wood cabinets and island. Part of the appeal of modern living is creating a space that is beautiful and highly functional. So, we presented our clients ideas for specialty knife and silverware drawers, spaces for wine and other creative ways to make life easier in the busiest room in the house.


For our furniture concepts, we offered lots of inspiration, such as contemporary button-tufted sofas, creative coffee tables and plush rugs with subtle graphic prints.

In addition, we showcased our lighting panels with various ideas for ceiling lamps, from artistic wire chandeliers to delicate gourd-shaped pendant lights to accent and accentuate the transformed modern space.

Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design

Creative Spaces and All the Fine Details

Continuing on with the blog series on our upcoming residential interior design reveal in Hollywood, FL, we are now ready to show you the glory of all its fine details.

Let’s begin with the doors, which are often be overlooked in most residential properties. To create an identity for the interior design, we decided to add real character to the doors. Through the concept of “Exaggeration,” our design team proposed thick linear profiles for the doorframes, which you may remember is opposite of all the arches of the home’s existing traditional style. The main entry door would feature sleek double brushed steel handles in a vertical shape, and for the existing windowed entry way, we presented the idea of converting it into a majestic modern masterpiece with large symmetrical and vertical windows and a mixture of dark and pale wood.


Also, we added a sophisticated foyer interior design feature which we believed would be ideal for this family. On one wall, we suggested a gallery of rows of shallow custom wall shelves to accommodate framed family photographs and artwork. At first circular coffee table with sculptural legs would anchor the center, along with a beautiful hanging light fixture and small seating area. However, as the design matured over time, we ended up eliminating the seating area.

Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design

Stairs are often used to form a real statement in any home, and we offered two options with the concept of a “wrapping effect” for our clients. The first option featured a transparent side and railing, which would create a floating effect, while the second option was a more solid railing. These ideas also applied to the railings on the second floor, which overlooked the first floor.

Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design


Ready for the final walk through? So are we, but we’re working on the final touches of this soon-to-be modern residence. We’ll show you the kitchen and the rest of the furniture and accessory concepts Friday. Then comes the big reveal!



This week, we will be running around feverishly as we turn-over another beautiful residential interior design project in Hollywood, FL. We have already blogged about our concept presentation so we will continue this week with posts that are relevant to this project before the big reveal next week!!!


Furniture Move-In Day!

Let’s start with some peaks into our exclusive mood panels:

For the interior spaces, we saw this house with a mixture of deep grey tones, warm wood, and sensual beige’s. This color scheme would create a sense of comforting modernity our clients wanted to achieve within their interior design.

Modern interior design is not always stark white on white. Often there is use of natural materials juxtaposed with a contrasting palette to dazzle the eye and comfort the soul.

Made up of two floors, we presented our clients with floor plans of the entire residence. Then, we color-coded the entire house to delineate common areas, private areas and private utility areas. Also, we offered the family two options for the modifications.

Together with these plans, we proposed two flooring ideas: a dark wood floor in a Rhine color together with a pale bleached wood. In these flooring plans, we also presented the direction of how the wood flooring grain would be laid out.

Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design

See more about the details behind this Hollywood, Florida residence next time. And compare these concept photos to the final product! 


DKOR Voted Best of HOUZZ 2014

Best of Houzz: Interior Design Firm DKOR Interiors 

For the second year in a row, we are honored to be voted Best of Houzz! After scooping up Best of 2013 in both Customer Satisfaction and Design, we are honored to be included among the top interior design firms this year as well.

We rely heavily on for feedback, referrals, news and insight more than any other interior design resource and we greatly appreciate all of the support we receive from the Houzz community!










Miami Modern Home: Shop The Look!

Interior Design For Everyone: Shop The Look! 

One of our favorite vendors to reach out when we are knee deep in the interior design process, is They provide us with exceptional customer service, competitive pricing and top notch selection.

Check out their latest feature on the interior design of our project, A Miami Modern Home. Now you too can shop the look! View similar items Wayfair has to offer.

Click here to read the full article and SHOP!

Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design

Turning a Dream into Reality

Detailed Minimalism: Back to Our Project in Presidential Estates, Miami.  

Once our clients who dreamed of a minimalist residence in Miami, Florida approved our interior design plans, we set to work with the Newman Brothers Construction on bringing this home to life. DKOR Interiors is truly a full-service interior design firm. With the help of DKOR’s Project Manager, we work closely with the General Contractor to help guide the building process so that it coincides with the design intent by making daily or weekly site visits.

Furthermore, after we walked the family through their furniture presentation, they were able to truly visualize their ideal home coming together. For this project in particular, many pieces were custom made to maintain originality and selected around the concept of “weightlessness.”

Our process is not about going into a chain store and pointing at the items we like.  The process is quite detail oriented and takes time. First off, we love supporting local businesses, so we often reach out to our favorite vendors in South Florida, such as Addison House, Arravanti, Ligne Roset, Nest, and others to review what pieces that they have in stock and/or on order. We often end up waiting up to 8 weeks for the spectacular pieces, such as sofas, custom rugs and lighting fixtures.

Some additional furniture pieces we selected for this project and would like to mention are the stunning, off-white living Room sofa by Baltus, the family room sofa by B&B Italia from Miami-based Luminaire, the ultra modern Cattelan dining room chairs from Arravanti and the iconic master bedroom Eames chair by Herman Miller. Also, the sleek glass railing staircase we added forms a lightweight and airy design feature to the home.

Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design

In terms of the construction, we hand-selected Newman Construction for labor, Artec for the ceiling construction and carpentry pieces, such as all the custom bed and desk units and the dining room mirrored wall feature. We turned to Rotsen Furniture for the custom dining room table, Guillermo Davila for doors, Accent Closets for the laundry room and garage storage units, Maxicon for all A/V, Snaidero for the kitchen, Maximum shutters for the innovative garage door in the boys’ room and Behar Windows for all the large, open and airy windows in the home. In addition, our team also oversaw the Italian closet company Mia Cucina to create custom and functional storage for each member of the family.

In terms of the residence’s existing flooring, much of it was earthen tile, which had to be removed and replaced with bamboo and white ceramic tiling, which was used throughout the residence. Paying attention to fine details, specific design elements were repeated in nearly every room, such as metal-backed recessed lines around each doorway that transitioned down the baseboards of the entire home.

Though we are called DKOR Interiors, we are often asked to handle exterior design as well. For this house, we updated the existing outside round columns into contemporary square piers with recessed detailing to reflect the interior. Also, the garage doors were refinished for a more modern look with windows to allow in natural light.



Ready for the final walk through? See the dazzling after photos and learn more about our behind the scenes process with the next posting.

Traditional Transforms to Modern

Interior Design 101: Contemporary Comfort’s Concept 

by now, you have seen a few concept presentations on previous blog posts. We believe the best way for our clients to visually understand our ideas for their interior design projects is to present them with a detailed Concept Presentation. This type of visual presentation is full of photographs, inspirations, influences and concepts, which truly brings their project to life.

Let’s get back to the Mediterranean residence in Hollywood, Florida whose owners craved a modern interior design update. Our design team came up with the concepts of “Push” and “Pull” to draw the eye and create exciting movement.

The idea of “Push” would be produced using thick profiles and mass with an emphasis on repetition and scale, while “Pull” would be formed with focal points using texture, organic form, pattern and the serene.

Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design

Some materiality inspirations for this residence were the rings of a tree, the natural and linear cross-formation of woven linen, the glistening of a large body of water and sumptuous rolls of off-white fabric.

Learn more about our interior mood panels and furniture presentation next time.

Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design

A Look Into Contemporary Comfort

Behind the Interior Design Scenes: Contemporary Comfort 

We are so excited to give sneak peeks into one of our latest residential interior design projects that we are currently finishing up in just three short weeks!

Located in Hollywood, Florida, the architecture of the existing home was Mediterranean, which was first popularized in the 1920′s and 1930′s in Florida and California. Characterized by the use of red Spanish tile and arches, this type of building can be a challenge to interior design firms to convert into a modern style. But of course, we are more than confident that WE CAN DO IT.

Please take a look at the before pictures, which include the home’s interior and exterior. On the outside, the house was dominated with arches and arched windows with white trim. Also, there are traditional columns, classic looking balconies and even large traditional planters.














These clients came to us wishing to update this more traditional South Florida home into a modern dream house, which they felt truly expressed their individual style and tastes.

Much of the interiors were also accented in a more traditional style, such as the crown molding, dark wood staircase and railing, kitchen cabinets and drapery. As with all of our discovery meetings, we measured and photographed the entire home’s interior and exterior, so that we could produce accurate floor plans and form a precise and creative Concept Presentation.


























































Want to see our Concept Presentation for this Mediterranean Hollywood, Florida home? Join us next time for some fantastic visuals.

Edge of Modernism: Concept Presentation

Edge of Modernism: Interior Design Concept Presentation 

Now back to our work in progress in Winnipeg, Canada. Last time we gave you the background to our clients’ new residence, and today, we’re showing you our Concept Presentation designed around this ultra modern interior design project.

As you may recall, this house with sharp edges is located in a rustic, natural surrounding. So, for our Concept Presentation, we created the concept of “Blend of Elements.” We conveyed this with striking photographs of glistening lakes with reflections of gorgeous trees, an angular and very geometric house overlooking the water, shimmering glass and a relaxing sailboat atop the calm ocean seas. As Interior design is a creative process, the concept relies heavily on the influence of nature, architecture and emotion.


For the idea of “Texture,” our team presented the idea of “playful movement, nature influence and shine.” They illustrated these concepts with photos of stiff woven linen, origami paper sculptures and the beautiful grain of natural wood.


In addition, we had an idea of “colors from nature intensified,” which we demonstrated with deep orange skies, pink and purple sunsets over an autumn sky, azure blue water and a close-up of an orange-red leaf.


With the plans and the construction photos of the residence, we knew we could play on the natural light from the large windows and frame the gorgeous, leafy outdoors. We conveyed these ideas to our clients with photo inspirations from homes, which blended together the natural textures of wood, stone and marble with modern furnishings and hanging light accents. Also, we wanted to dramatize the vertical feeling from the expansive windows and the warmth from the furniture. Some of the references also had pops of deep colors, such as red and dark grey. Let’s take a look at some floor plans and more next time.

Contemporary Comfort: Site Progress

Interior Design Progress: Contemporary Comfort – Hollywood, FL 

We recently shared with you the 3D rendering we developed for our interior design project, Contemporary Comfort. This home is located in Hollywood, FL and we can’t wait to share with you it’s complete 360! Originally a classic Mediterranean home, the interior design work will produce a sleek and comfortable modern design.


Miami Interior Design



Miami Interior Design Miami Interior Design


We can’t wait to show you more. Stay tuned!!!

Redefining Space: More Than Floor Plans


Interior Design Project “Detailed Minimalism:” Redefining Space


After the concept has been established and before construction starts, the designers work feverishly on completing the construction documents. We at DKOR Interiors stand out as an interior design firm on this matter because many other companies do not complete their own construction documents in house like we do.

By using the program AutoCAD, our teams create plans for all aspects of a home or business, including electrical, mechanical, A/V, Plumbing, carpentry, door schedules and elevations. Then, we review all our plans with our architect before handing them over to the General Contractor. Also, after the construction documents are completed, we provide our clients with a visual source. This often helps them to envision their final space. It can be hard to look at a set of blueprints and plans and understand what things will look like, so for this we use a program called Sketch Up to produce drawings. In addition to these drawings, we also work with a professional interior design renderer to produce 3-D quality images – see below:

DetailedMinimalism_Interior_Design_Miami_Modern Interior_Design_Miami_Modern Interior_Design_Miami_Modern

Here are the stats on this Miami, Florida residence:

  • Total square footage was 8,722.
  • First Floor: 1 media room, 1 office, 1 craft room, 1 laundry room, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 1 family room, 1 living room, 3 bathrooms, 1 powder room
  • Second Floor: 5 bedrooms (2 boys, 2 girls and the master), 5 bathrooms and a loft area, which acts as the “Kids Office” for homework and studying

Get ready for construction details and what happens afterwards in our next post!

First Steps: Concept Presentation

Interior Design Concept: Detailed Minimalism


After we thoroughly discuss our client’s interior design needs and goals and measure and photograph their space, we present them with a detailed Concept Presentation.

Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design

For the family of six in the Miami, Florida, where we transformed their pseudo-Tuscan residence into a minimalist dream house, we created their interior design concepts of: Reverse of Volume, Optical Illusion, Suspension and Weightlessness.

Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design

Our concept of “weightlessness” and “optical illusion” stemmed from the idea of showing a reverse of volume throughout the home’s main design features and a lack of gravity through the furniture and light fixture selections. Inspired by the idea of “floating”, this minimalist home incorporated functionality and control through its modern design.

Some areas of the home where we later brought these concepts to life were: the living room ceiling (slated wood pieces hang “suspended” between two dropped walls), the metal filled recessed lines that continue throughout the home to make the walls seem weightless and the use of bamboo throughout the house for contrast to the stark whiteness and to add texture.

Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design

Also, demonstrating a “reverse of volume,” in the dining area, its glass doors created an optical illusion as behind them existed concealed storage, a sink for washing hands and a door that leads to the pantry and kitchen. Moreover, all the bathrooms were equipped with “floating” sinks and vanities where all the light fixtures were designed in a way that they appeared to be “weightless.”

With any Concept Presentation, we convey our ideas with different materiality influences and inspirations. For this project, the designers added photo examples of how they envisioned the final outcome: the reflection of water on concrete pavement, weathered fine, dark brown leather, the purity of white sand, the shimmer of clear water and the intricacy of a luxurious and graphic modern area rug.

Though these mood panels may not reflect the final walk through, they expressed the feelings we hoped to capture in the project. Also, they allowed the clients to visually grasp our ideas, which are an interpretation of their goals and desires.

Next up: Floor plans

From Florida To Canada



We at DKOR Interiors are excited to present you with one of our truly “work in progress” interior design projects. As you have been reading, we are completely immersed in our latest blog series of behind the scenes details of the work we do as an interior design firm. So, we’ve been presenting you concepts, mood panels, floor plans, accessory presentations and more, which usually our clients only see.

Here’s the background to our latest project that is still under construction. A few years ago, we completed a condo at Jade Beach in Sunny Isles, Florida. The clients were ecstatic with the fresh and modern results.

So, when they needed help with their new home in rustic Winnipeg, Canada, they approached DKOR Interiors because they trusted us with their vision of a residence with a real modernism. We were thrilled and honored to get on board such an amazing interior design project. At over 6,000 square feet, it is a real masterpiece of a house with stunning, sharp edges and real luxurious elegance.

Miami_Interior_design Miami_Interior_design Miami_Interior_design Miami_Interior_design

Our clients craved a blend of different elements for their home, such as texture and materiality, while maintaining the home’s connection to its beautiful, pristine natural surroundings.


As with any project, we start with floor plans and photographs. With such an architectural residence, we really needed to combine our clients’ need for functionality and quality of design.

One of the first issues we dealt with was space plan adjustments, which is redesigning the interiors into ideal spaces for our clients to live and play with style and utility, which is one of the main tenets of true modern living.

These fine details, such as opening up space in a laundry room, may seem small and unimportant, but this can make the difference of living well and wasting precious time and energy.

Want more photos of the Concept Presentation? You’ll have to read more next time…