DKOR Interiors recieves an International Interior Design award by the Ceramics of Italy 2014 Tile Competition

What can we say? WE LOVE ITALY! and we’re equally excited to know ITALY LOVES DKOR!

Last year we were invited by the Italian Chamber of Commerce to Isaloni in Milano, Italy, for an in depth look at the passion and dedication behind Italian manufacturers. As a leading International interior design firm, we were chosen to represent top high end residential interior firms in the US. This was definitely an honor and after all the excitement settled in that we were actually in Milan, we were even more impressed when we experienced first hand what sets Italian manufacturers apart.

DKOR Interiors continues to support Italian manufacturers through the specification of their materials throughout our projects. Recently we were awarded the BEST USE OF ITALIAN CERAMIC IN A RESIDENTIAL PROJECT.

Now typically you might receive a plaque or a certificate but this was MUCH BETTER! We received a prize of $4,000 as well as a five-day trip to Bologna to attend Cersaie  – the world’s largest exhibition of ceramic tile and sanitary ware – as part of a VIP delegation. Don’t worry!, you’re invited too and we’ll be sure to share every step of our trip with you. We leave Sept. 28th!

This International Interior Design award has been featured in dozens of online and printed editorial. Check it out for yourself:

Ceramics of Italy 2014 Tile Competition

Architect Magazine

Contract Design

We were even featured in Canadian Interiors Magazine

International Interior Designers

International Interior Designers

Margaret was VERY excited about the $4,000.00 prize

International Interior Designers

There were lots of fun booths to visit and our creative juices were flowing!

International Interior DesignersOf course we paid our respects to the wining tile distributor – Atlas Concord

More spectacular booths!

More spectacular booths!

International Interior Designers

We can’t encourage you enough to be curious and ask about where your building products and furniture and accessories come from. With commerce globalization we now have more and more options to choose from. When we decide to purchase something, your supporting a business, a community and someones livelihood, take a second to know where the item comes from.

A BIG THANK YOU from the entire DKOR Interiors team to Ceramics of Itay for this honorable award.


DKOR Interiors is Acknowledged among 75 participating Interior Design Firms

We did it again!

This past week, DKOR Interiors was awarded two Honorable Mentions in the 2015 Gulfstream Media Group Design Awards Competition! With over 75 participating interior design firms from Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami, we were honored for our work in 2 categories.

Fort Lauderdale Interior Design

Merri Grace McLeroy from Gulfstream Media Congratulating our team on the big acknowledgment.

The event was hosted this past Friday, July 24th at Fort Lauderdale’s most exclusive venue, the new Club Lounge and Boulevard Ballroom at Lobster Bar Sea Grill. The “usual suspects,” Margaret Smith and Ivonne Ronderos from our studio were there to receive the award on behalf of the entire DKOR interior design team. They’re extra excited to share with you that they’ve also been included in Gulfsteams newest Fort Lauderdale Interior Design publication with photos from the winning project.

Best Fort Lauderdale Interior designers 2

Both spaces where chosen from our Fort Lauderdale Interior Design project located right off Las Olas. This contemporary penthouse was completed just a few months ago and is already getting a lot of buzz. If you don’t remember from our previous posts, we had a lot of fun putting this project together. The Interior Design Concept stems around OLD world elements breaking through NEW world elements. It’s a beautiful clean, light contemporary space accentuated by the clients collection of historic artifacts.

Want a second look? CLICK HERE for photos of the entire project.

Lets take a look at some of the wining spaces: Best Outdoor Living Design:

Fort Lauderdale Penthouse Interior Design (3) Fort Lauderdale Penthouse Interior Design (16)

Best Bathroom Design: 

Fort Lauderdale Penthouse Interior Design (14)

Fort Lauderdale Penthouse Interior Design (12)Here are a few more photos from the event. :)

Best Fort Lauderdale Interior designers 23 Best Fort Lauderdale Interior designers

DKOR LIVING: Silvia Talks (Interior Design) Job Site Makeup



As Interior Designers in South Florida it is SO important to have a good presence even when making our routine Job Site visits. Makeup is something that for us girls, helps you out a lot! Makeup helps contribute to your professional appearance, no matter where you are – including sweaty, dusty and loud Interior Design job sites. Summer in Miami is hot and humid and that presents a challenge when it comes to applying your makeup. But don’t fret! I’ve got you covered. Keep reading for the my best (and normally top secret) tips…




Use Primer : One of my favorite primers is the POREfesional from Benefit cosmetics, it  always keeps my pores protected from sweat and the hot weather when I do an interior design site visit.


Use a Weightless Foundation: It is very important to use a light foundation that covers everything perfectly and flawlessly without feeling cakey. One of my favorites for the humid and hot weather is NAKED Skin Weightless Ultra Definition from Urban Decay. It’s long lasting and perfect for days that I am on job sites for up to half the day or even all day!


Powder: The last step, and for me the most crucial, is sealing your make up! You can end up melting in the middle of a meeting with the General Contractor, so be sure to always seal your make up. For that I use Blot Powder from MAC cosmetics. It is so light that it will last for hours.


Use SUNSCREEN!!!! One of my favorites is Sheer Physical UV defense from SkinCeuticals.  The sun is so damaging, for us Miami girls, it is a must to wear sunscreen and protect that precious skin! Don’t forget this one.


Happy Makeup, Happy Summer! Don’t forget to follow along all DKOR Living blog posts and up-to-date photos on Instagram

DKOR Interiors takes on Fort Lauderdale Interior Design

A little over a year ago, a couple approached us about their Fort Lauderdale interior design project. We were immediately excited about the project because of the couples background in the hotel industry and their high expectations for the interior design of their home, and our service along the process. This means that the process needed to be equally as important as final result. Typically our clients ask us for a “light, contemporary home with the use of natural materials,” but this was a bit different. They wanted a contemporary Fort Lauderdale interior with a more edgy take while still feeling timeless. So how do you mix, “beachy, rustic, contemporary, light, modern, elegant, refined, edgy” and make it look “effortless?”

We started from the outside in. Using the architecture as an inspiration for the interior and bringing in certain elements that would bring the outside in. We Used the exterior steel C channel as an inspiration and brought it’s shape and color inside the house through the details in the interior architecture and custom mill work. What began as a blank canvas with lots of shared spaces slowly evolved into an effortless contemporary spaced delineated with natural materials and a relentless attention to detail. Each day we get closer to turnover and we CAN’T WAIT to share the final results with you. Stay tuned… Next we’ll share with you all the work behind this Fort Lauderale interior designed home. .

To take a look at the original renderings of the architecture of this home: CLICK HERE!

Here’s a peak of what’s yet to come!!

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design, Fort Lauderdale Interiors

Fort Lauderdale Interior Design presentation

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project, Fort Lauderdale Interiors

By wrapping natural materials throughout the Fort Lauderdale interior we achieved warmth and proportion to each space. We layered materials creating outlines that we later embellished with metal accents to add refined details throughout.

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project (3)

We limited the variety of materials throughout but balanced them well between muted natural stones with organic movements and bold metal accents. We warmed the spaces with warm woods used glass and its reflection to add elegance to the spaces.

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project (10)

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project (5)

Curb Appeal on this Fort Lauderdale home was definitely on top priority. A pool of water surrounds the home and glimpse of the wine storage and the staircase show through even before you’ve been welcomed inside.


Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project (5)Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project (6) Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project (7)


Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project (8)

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project (9)

OKAY ENOUGH!! As much as we’d love to show you more… then it wouldn’t be a surprise!

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes photos of what it takes to build a luxurious Waterfront Fort Lauderdale Interior.

The Art Behind Interior Design Styling


Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling_17


The team behind Dkor Interiors works very hard on a daily basis but when we are wrapping up one of our South Florida Interior Design projects, preparing to stage and style a home for the big client reveal, we basically don’t eat or sleep for a full 48 hours. And that’s ok, because interior design turnovers are a big part of the job, and one of our favorite as well! When we finally get to reveal to our clients their new, beautiful, custom tailored home, it’s the most rewarding part of the job. (There are usually always tears.)

I recently sat down with the girls at DKOR and asked them what they love best about interior staging! Take a peak into these amazing interior designer minds:

What is your favorite part about staging?

Chelsea: “Seeing the entire space come together…finally!” 

Marianna: “Shopping!” 

Ivonne: “When I stage, I feel the best part is seeing all of our hard over the past months coming together. It’s exciting because although you are prepared for this day, you are still crossing your fingers hoping that everything turns out perfect.”

What are your favorite stores to shop when staging? 

Chelsea: “West Elm, Anthropologie, CB2″ 

Marianna: “West Elm, Anthropologie, CB2″ 

Ivonne: “Anthropologie, West Elm and ZGallerie” 

What is the best piece of advice you can give other Interior Designers and decorators when they are taking on a home styling or staging project? 

Ivonne: “Be prepared! Wear tennis shoes, have a handy-man ready and buy extra pillow inserts!” 

Marianna: “Prepare for the worst! Even thought you plan accordingly, in the moment, your plans always turn out a different way. The art of good Interior Design is being able to work around that last minute chaos.” 

Chelsea: “Eat a big breakfast and come prepared! You will need to spend your morning running all of the place because you forgot enough pillow inserts or you need more fresh flowers or the photo frames you purchased are the wrong sizes. Just stay ahead of the game as best you can and have your team ready to back you up.” 

What is Interior Staging? 

Ivonne: All of our interior design projects have stages. We start with Creating a Concept, Design Development, Furniture Selections, Lighting and Accessory Selections, Purchasing, Construction and Project Management. The installation of all the furniture, lighting and accessories is called “Interior Staging” or can also be referred to as Interior Styling for smaller projects that don’t require as much construction work.  


Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling_13 Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling_20 Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling_11 Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling_10 Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling_2 Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home De-6cor Styling Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling_7




Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling_4

Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling_9

Happy Clients!!! :)

Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling.jpg_21 Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling.jpg_16 Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling_22 Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling_18 Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling_14 Miami Interior Designers _ Staging_Styling_Home Decor Styling_8


GOOD LUCK! And make sure to follow along all of our Interior Design Projects and Updates on Instagram!



As Interior Designers in Miami, one of the hottest cities in the country, taming your summer hair when at the jobsite in the middle of the summer with no air conditioning is a task in itself.

Lead designer, Margaret Smith, walks us through her routine:

Miami Interior Designers_Margaret Smith


At our Miami Interior Design firm, our first priority when making a visit to one of our construction sites is to make sure that the General Contractor understands the amazing design we have created. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure you look the part!

We understand the challenges of humidity, hot temperatures and the glaring sun in the dead of summer, so we’ve got your back. Here are some tips on key products that keep our summer hair looking just as freshly styled from when you left your house in the morning to your 2pm jobsite visit.

Miami Lifestyle Blog_Interior Designers_Beauty_Summer Hair


1. Tresemme Extra Hold Hairspray  always keeps my curls in tact! The best part is that my hair still feels silky smooth, not stiff like other extra strong hairsprays tend to do.

2. Goody Claw Clips These clips are great to keep in your bag. This way you can quickly whip up your hair in a top knot or half poney. Once refreshed and back at the office, there are no creases when you let down your hair

3. Moroccan Oil  Managing frizz…..what can I say. This is a forever battle for any South Floridian. First, squeeze out just a small drop and rub together on the palm of your hands, then gently smooth through your hair. Be careful not to load up at the top of your hair to avoid from looking greasy. Here’s a bonus, any oil left over, rub on your elbows to keep your skin baby smooth.


With these key products, we can easily go from a interior design job site visit to a client meeting so you can survive the summer too!

Check back soon for more beauty tricks from the DKOR Living Blog and be sure to follow along on Instagram.


Finding Inspiration In the EVERYDAY……

Today’s Travel Blog Post Features NYC!

Miami Interior Designers_DKOR Interiors_New York City_Travel Blog


From the beautiful blue oceans and sun drenched palm tress of Miami, South Florida Interior Design team, DKOR has landed back in the concrete jungle!

New York City is one of those magical places that offers inspiration and creativity everywhere you look. As a South Florida Interior Design firm that is constantly on the hunt for new and innovative ways to bring beautiful design and original ideas to our clients, it is so important that we take the time to look beyond the ordinary for inspiration.

On our trip, we have found so many bold and daring tiles in apartment buildings, cutting-edge light fixtures in restaurants and trendy furniture pieces at the top Interior Design stores and vendors.

Take a look at how even the small moments in NYC have motivated us this week:

In New York, we’re always looking up at those tall, jaw-dropping skyscrapers, that we forget to look down! There is something very enchanting about the gum marked concrete, cobble roads that pave way to the millions of hustlers and busters. Just waking down the street creates the opportunity to play on pattern and materiality, creating such beautiful vision.

Dkor Interiors_Miami Interior Designers_New York City

Dkor Interiors_Miami Interior Designers_New York City_5

Dkor Interiors_Miami Interior Designers_New York City_8


Nature is everywhere! And so is color! Pull color ways from the rainbow and connect their natural beauty to an interior function. For example, design a rose bush inside your home!

Dkor Interiors_Miami Interior Designers_New York City_11

Dkor Interiors_Miami Interior Designers_New York City_4

Dkor Interiors_Miami Interior Designers_New York City_10

Architecture – New & Old
New York is infamous for its modern and contemporary architecture as well as it’s beautiful historic buildings. Whatever the style, personality is sure to shine through the captivating design.

Miami Interior Designers_Dkor Interiors_NYC Travel Blog_2

Dkor Interiors_Miami Interior Designers_New York City_4


Restaurants & Hospitality
Depth and volume are a key element in our interior design projects – we found so many cool ways that NYC restaurants take advantage of manipulating these design principals.

Miami Interior Designers_Dkor Interiors_NYC Travel Blog

Miami Interior Designers_Dkor Interiors_NYC Travel Blog_3


Miami Interior Designers_Dkor Interiors_NYC Travel Blog


Until next time, New York! <3

Canadian Interior Design – Progress Report

Project Update on our Canadian Interior Design project

The colds not so bad after all.

The colds not so bad after all.

Over the past 2 years, the DKOR Team has been working relentlessly from abroad on our international interior design project in Canada. Its pretty exciting to be working on such a spectacular project but I’m not going to lie, its been difficult staying motivated from afar without actually being able to just get in your car and make a site visit. We couldn’t be prouder though of our team and how we’ve all worked together to stay on top of everything, taking turns on long conference calls and making sure to keep our clients engaged and equally excited.

Its been over a year since we’ve introduced this project to you and since then we’ve made a few site visits. These visits are usually day long meetings with our local GC from Vertical Projects reviewing all of the details and how our design intent on drawings actually play out onsite.Trouble shooting “onsite conditions,” that don’t necessarily line up with our original design intent is on the top of our list. We also meet with subcontractors on the project to review carpentry and any finish questions they may have.

Our last site visit was in mid-November of last year. Now I’m going to make a personal confession; I was avoiding at all costs visiting Canada in the winter. I was petrified of the cold and had not been near the snow since I was about 4 years old (over 30 years ago if you’d like to do the math)! The idea of being in -10 degree weather was petrifying. I went to the extreme of letting my passport expire and trying to use that as an excuse of why I was unable to go. Obviously that did not jive well and only bought me an additional week. Passports are available in the nearby regional office in Miami within about a week with proof of travel. ;-/ It turns out there was nothing to be afraid of, with the right clothing its really not so bad so bring on some more Canadian Interior Design projects!!

Next Step: Staging! Stay Tuned for behind the scenes photos coming soon ; August 18th-22nd.

To get to know this project a little better… take a look at previous posts below:

First Site Visit January of 2014

Edge of Modernism ; Concept Development

Inside overlooking the great room

Inside overlooking the great room

Add Media

International Interior designers take on Canadian Interiors

Beautiful sunset view from the house

International Interior designers take on Canadian Interiors

Backside of the house

International Interior designers take on Canadian Interiors

Capturing the moment with our special client

International Interior designers take on Canadian Interiors

Our GC with his beautiful family.



Arquitectos de Interiores en Mexico – DKOR takes on another International Interior Design project.

Arquitectos de Interiores en Mexico – DKOR takes on another International Interior Design project.

A few months ago we began another international interior design project in Mexico City. I must admit that it was difficult to turn down the chance to work in one of our favorite countries. The DKOR team was ready to take on the challenge. One of our DKOR Team members, Anahi, is from Mexico so she was very excited to be part of this team. Neither Margaret nor I had ever been to Mexico City and were mostly familiar with the more popular coastal cities so we were very excited to see what all the buzz was about.

Arquitectos de interiores en Mexico

Our clients invited us to visit our new Mexican interior design project in Polanco for the first time in January. We really did not know what to expect and our first impression was a city filled with traffic, highways and a vast population of people trying to get from one place to another. The best comparison I could give would be an older and shorter version of New York city but with lots of hills and mountains throughout.

Arquitectos de Interiores en Mexico

After driving through an hour of traffic we reached an inner neighborhood called Polanco. The street were paved with brick, most buildings were no taller than 3-4 stories and architecture ranged from the typical bright concrete colored facades you would expect to see in Mexico to contemporary concrete finished buildings warmed up with touches of warm natural materials such as wood and limestone.

Arquitectos de Interiores en Mexico 1 (6) Arquitectos de interiores en Mexico

We were thrilled when we pulled up to our new jobsite! The building is beautiful and has these tall contemporary hedges that you see around a lot of the homes around the city and the perfect balance of exterior natural elements; wood, concrete and glass… typical to beautiful contemporary Mexican architecture.

Arquitectos de Interiores en Mexico 1 (3)

Our project is the none other than the penthouse of the building and we were very excited to see what’s inside. What would the “before” be like! There are obviously lots of exciting aspects of each interior design project but some of my favorites includes seeing what you have to work with. Once we got into the apartment I began to do what I typically do whenever I start a new project; walk around it until its familiar, until it feels like home. Familiarizing yourself with plans is one thing, but to really feel a connection with the space, I like to encourage all of our team to walk around and get to know each and every little corner. It makes is easier later to understand the scale of material applications and as you can expect, we’re going to WRAP SOMETHING IN HERE!!! he he….

Thank you for getting to know more in depth our new adventure and we hope that you follow us along the entire journey! Afterall, sharing the photo with our followers is definitely one of our favorite parts.

Arquitectos de Interiores en Mexico 1

Standing in the Dining room overlooking the living room and the family room

Arquitectos de Interiores en Mexico

Walking into the Master bedroom

Arquitectos de Interiores en Mexico

Standing on the catwalk overlooking the living room

Arquitectos de Interiores en Mexico

Looking at the dining room and towards the end, the kitchen and on the second floor you can see the hallway to the kids bedroom and the guest bedroom.

Arquitectos de Interiores en Mexico 1 (7)

Of course we had time to try delicious Chilaquiles



Big news! We are partnering with online home décor mecca, and Kohler for the launch of their new series “Design Speaks”! We will be featured as one of the designers contributing tons of helpful design inspiration, tips and tidbits. We can’t wait to share with you all! Visit the blog today to join in the conversation!

Here’s a little teaser from our first post: 

“Concept. Collaborate. Create” This is the motto we take with us into every project. So like all of our interior design projects, we take the concept of our new office design very seriously. After sitting down and brainstorming, we pulled most inspiration from the offices of Google and their simple mission statement – “to create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world.”




Dkor_Interiors_Wayfair_Kohler Dkor_Interiors_Wayfair_Kohler Dkor_Interiors_Wayfair_Kohler